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chocho13 07-04-13 08:27 PM

Anyone happen to live near Rye,NY; Mammaroneck,NY; Port Chester,NY, Greenwich,CT ?
I was just wondering if there was anyone that lived near these cities and maybe wanted to ride and train together. I live in Port Chester and i usually train alone because im not in a team or club. I usually train around Greenwich ,Connecticut. I also go to Armonk,New York but basically if you live anywhere that is close to any of these cities i could totally ride with you or something. If you leave near around these areas and want to train sometimes Let me know!

Have a good day! :)

youngbeginner 07-07-13 03:12 PM

I live near Hawthorne, but I don't have a real bike there, as I really only bike in Maine (where I am over the summer). I am trying to invest in a bike around there though, do you have any suggestions for bicycle shops in the Westchester area?

chocho13 07-07-13 04:20 PM

There is a bicycle shop in New Rochelle,NY its called Metro Bicycles. They are really nice in there and maybe you can get a nice road bike there. Also here in Port Chester where i live there is a bike shop near here that is called Danny's Cycles, its in Rye Brook,NY. Those are the ones ive been too and ive had no big problems with those guys. If you ever want to ride in the fall or before the winter let me know since you live pretty close.
Have a good day

Homebrew01 07-12-13 07:27 AM

I think there's a Wednesday night hammerfest ride in Greenwich. Sorry I don't know details, just remember a couple guys talking about it last year.

Call the local shops and ask about group rides. Even if you get to a ride that is not good for you, ask the guys about other rides in the area ...... one thing can lead to another.

carpediemracing 07-16-13 10:08 AM

Wed night from the Greenwich High School parking lot. It's basically a Cat 1-2 type ride - if you can hang with them you will be killing it at the races. Most 3s and 4s don't hang with the front. I don't know when they start, 6 pm or something like that. There is a short cut for the top of the loop which cuts out the hardest parts of the ride (they go north and then return back).

Gimbels ride in NY. It's a bit large, a bit intimidating, but the regular ride (not short, not long) isn't too bad in terms of pace. I'd call it a Cat 4 type ride for the most part, maybe Cat 3. The long ride is more like a Cat 2-3 ride and it "long-cuts" the regular ride, adding in a bunch of hills. Short is Cat 5-ish, basically short cuts the medium ride.

Not sure of NY rides. There may be some CT rides. Call shops and see.

Cannondale97 08-12-13 10:31 PM

Hey what's up man in 15 but I like in west haven but I sometimes come out that way so get back to me if you want to ride sometime or something thanks

chocho13 08-13-13 01:39 PM

Nvm, i have to have 50 posts to PM you, anyway I usually ride in Armonk/Bedford. For my smaller rides i ride in Greenwich, CT. If you ever come around here we could totally go on a training ride. Let me know

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