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RacerOne 10-03-13 10:57 PM

Smaller Apparel for Juniors
I'm looking for advice on where to go for smaller items for my soon to be ten year old. Specifically, I'm looking for some good thermal gloves and a nice rain jacket. Women's stuff is sometimes ok, but he really doesn't like pink trim on everything!

pmt 10-04-13 05:11 PM

A quick Google would get you here.

RacerOne 10-07-13 11:31 PM

Still nothing long sleeved or thermal. Thanks though!

pmt 10-10-13 06:51 PM

Well, a long sleeve baselayer will do it, as well as a clear windshell/rainjacket. Small gloves are available anywhere.

carpediemracing 10-22-13 08:58 AM

I imagine some ski gloves would work. Even gardening gloves (which is what I first wore when I was 12-13 years old).

I forgot about a "kit" that our 18 month old boy has, by Spindaroos. They have gloves here:

Rain jacket... that one is tough. Would altering an inexpensive adult one work? For myself I have some inexpensive clear rain jackets, and I think it wouldn't be far fetched to take in the sides and shorten the sleeves. I'm even thinking of buying a sewing machine so I can alter some wind vests. I suppose I could rent one at a local craft store but the time would be hard to find to get there.

delcrossv 10-21-14 10:15 AM

REI/Erewhon has decent snug fitting rain shells in kid's sizes. There's decent kid-sized gloves at Home Depot (full finger/leather palm)

Doge 10-22-14 11:11 AM

We used to (still do) use the Nike compression long sleeved under jerseys and at age 10 - just raced in them as everything else was too big and floppy. Find a big soccer store and they will have lots of stuff for kids that work for cycling.

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