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MrZand5 02-24-14 10:12 AM

Which gravity enduro frame?

I'm looking to get into gravity enduro racing next year so this year is going to be a building up year and fitness year.

So I've got my fitness workout for the year including cycling and gym and British Military Fitness.

All I need is a bike but I've got 500 pounds to spend on the frame and rear shock, I've got the wheels and breaks and crank and bars all I need now is the frame, but I'm a bit of a newbie to the mountain biking world and I'm confused on which frame to buy I've got a couple in mined like an Intense 6.6 2010 frame (large), Specialized pitch pro 2010 (large).
Also I've got a set of 120 mm Rockshox Pike forks I do not know id these will be long enough or strong enough, ive got the money from these forks and 250 on top so could you also point me in the right direction with forks, Needs to be a standard size through bolt.

If you could point me in the right direction on what to go for and what to not go for.

Thank you


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