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braedenpope 03-10-14 08:49 PM

would anybody be interested in a juniors cycling YouTube channel
ok so ive been thinking about this for a while but this season will be my first so i was wondering if anyone would be interested in a youtube channel about my training and experience?

some things i would do is bike maintenance, my training, race footage, daily vlog before and after training (may not be daily maybe weekly), and anything else someone thinks i should do.

would any body be interested would i just be wasting my time? i may also use this as motivation e.g i should train today because i need to make a video.

carpediemracing 04-04-14 06:56 PM

You've gotten a lot of views but no answers so I think that a Juniors YouTube channel on its own wouldn't be appealing. If it's packaged right then it might be interesting or even fascinating.

What people don't want to see is another "then I did intervals, then I cleaned the chain, let me show you how I cleaned the chain, then I did an easy ride" kind of channel. One with maybe Junior specific concerns would be interesting. Gear limits and how you dealt with it; equipment restrictions; age/strength discrepancies, like "I raced against a guy that looked like Arnold but he was only 17 and I barely shave"; budget concerns including bike and entry fee stuff; travel concerns, like how to get to races if you don't drive, or with various states limiting teen driving; other things you have to worry about like school or other sports/lessons; relationships (boy/girl); parental concerns about training and racing; goals and aspirations; stuff like that.

These are the things that other Juniors would probably be interested in checking out. I think a lot of parents would also - I'd say a decent portion of your audience will be a Junior racer's parents.

If it's done well with lots of pertinent information it could act as a guide for future Juniors and their parents.

I'd say go for it. Brace for some criticism. Adjust and make changes. I think it could really work out. Good luck.

sstang13 04-06-14 08:53 PM

I agree with CDR. Check out the "Behind THE Barriers" videos on youtube, it's about a cyclocross rider, but its like an on going vlog about his life, inside and out of racing. Leaves out most of the uninteresting parts, has some humor, but mostly focuses on things like the racing/preparation side of things. That'd be a pretty good way of doing things I think. And I especially agree with CDR about the giving back part of it. Definitely give tips/concerns for any future riders out there.

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