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Roody 06-13-15 02:32 PM

How come you're carfree or carlight?
I'd love to hear from everybody, but especially those who are new or don't post very often.

Machka 06-13-15 03:02 PM

Drv1913 06-13-15 03:31 PM

I enjoy getting around under my own steam and in a way that is consistent with my values and my life goals. I see more when I am on my bike or on foot, from cool stuff on the side of the road to unusual birds and other wildlife. Even with its occasional annoyances, I enjoy carfree travel much, much more than I do driving.

conquest46 06-13-15 09:53 PM

I do it cause it feels good to move around under my own power. I go anywhere I want for free. I feel like I'm giving the finger to big oil and the car manufacturers. Also I hate driving there are way too many cars on the road. That's why I do it.

Ekdog 06-13-15 10:02 PM

Originally Posted by conquest46 (Post 17892150)
I feel like I'm giving the finger to big oil and the car manufacturers.

:thumb: So do I.

mr geeker 06-14-15 01:45 AM

I'm car free because I've never had much of a desire to drive a car. In fact I only owned a car for about 6 months and that was back when I was 18... it was a '76 gran torino with a 351 windsor and a four barrel carburetor. Been car free ever since.

Redhatter 06-14-15 02:14 AM

In late 2007 I had a couple of attempts at getting my driver's license.

At the time I needed some form of ID and also needed a way of getting around as I needed to do industrial experience and would likely have to do this in a rural area.

Fronted up to Queensland Transport on two occasions, having studied the road rule book, failed both times missing out by one question. (They require a 100% pass rate.) That in itself wasn't bad, but it was costing me $20 each time, money I just didn't have back then. That, and there's all the paperwork one must bring to prove identity.

I gave the problem some thought and realised primarily, I need the ID card, not the license, the license can wait. So I fronted up with the same paperwork, filled out the forms for a proof-of-age card, paid my money ($5 cheaper if I recall), got my picture taken, then walked out ID card in hand.

That presented a problem: how do I get around? That's when I started getting into cycling, probably one of the best decisions I've ever made.

I still haven't bothered to go back for that license, but I feel I am better off the way I am now than if I had managed to pass and get my learner's permit that day.

Jaywalk3r 06-14-15 02:45 AM

Health/fitness (physical and mental)
Low cost
Reduced carbon footprint
Getting from here to there is generally more pleasant on a bike than in a car.

chewybrian 06-14-15 04:54 AM

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I began cycling to get healthy and lose weight, but I gave up the car to save money.

I used the accumulated savings to buy a condo. As far as saving money, the end result was beyond all expectation, as I continue to benefit by not paying rent, in addition to not paying insurance, depreciation, etc...

I also found a surprise psychological benefit. The experience helped me to learn what is really important. I cycled through heat and cold, rain and hail, and racked up more miles than I ever thought possible. It helped me to see that other big goals are in reach if you commit yourself and stick to the plan.

MikeRides 06-14-15 11:55 AM

Like already mentioned, I took up bicycling to lose weight and get fit. Eventually I started riding for transportation, anything under 20 miles. I still drive a lot, but only having to fill my gas tank once a month vs weekly has saved me a ton of money. I grew up around cars so I don't think I could ever go car free permanently, but I'm enjoying the car light lifestyle for now.

fietsbob 06-14-15 01:08 PM


car was an expense to Cut. Took a Euro Bike tour with the money I saved
Plus moving out of my Apt & shutting off utility bills . to Cut those Costs too..

Jim from Boston 06-14-15 03:41 PM

How come you're carfree or carlight?

Originally Posted by Roody (Post 17891383)
I'd love to hear from everybody, but especially those who are new or don't post very often.

Originally Posted by Machka (Post 17891420) [Your Motivation For Becoming Car-Free or Car-Light]

:lol: Good answer, @Machka, even Roody replied to that.

For me:

Originally Posted by Jaywalk3r (Post 17892365)
Health/fitness (physical and mental)
[strike]Low cost
Reduced carbon footprint[/strike]
Getting from here to there is generally more pleasant on a bike than in a car [especially in congested Boston].

Originally Posted by Jim from Boston (Post 17252457)
I think of my commute in terms of satisfaction:

Cycling >>>>>Train>>>>>>>>>>>>>Driving,

But another dimension is time:
Driving>>>>>>>>>Train (scheduling)>>>>Cycling.

Then there’s Focus (concentration):

bovine 06-15-15 12:06 PM

I used to deliver pizzas in undergrad and drove like a maniac to maximize tips. I still get in that mode when I'm behind the wheel, min/maxing what routes to take, how to hit the least lights and at the correct times. Driving is all about the destination for me. I'm not like this on a bike. It's about exploring different routes and taking my time. I sold my car so that I could enjoy my commute and my errands and not just be in a hurry to get there and back.

NebbyStar 06-15-15 01:37 PM

Because I live in a town where driving is unnecessary, everything is within close walking and or/cycling distance. Also, cars and buses make me nauseous. So I just never felt the need to purchase a car when not needed.

mtk 06-15-15 05:32 PM

It's just nice not to have to deal with traffic, car maintenance costs, fuel, insurance, registration, safety/emissions, etc. I got tired of paying for all of that and went carfree.

wipekitty 06-15-15 05:35 PM

Personal preference and good luck.

I prefer not to drive in populated areas or spend time in the suburbs. I also prefer riding my bike over most other activities, and I enjoy walking on occasion. All things equal, I'd prefer to spend my meager discretionary income on books, bikes, and body art rather than vehicle maintenance.

Good luck landed me in a place where the basic things I need (employment, groceries, healthcare) are within three miles of a house I could afford to buy in a neighborhood I like, where the infrastructure and culture is supportive of cycling, even with a trailer, and where the weather is good enough that I can bike year round.

Dahon.Steve 06-15-15 08:19 PM

I told my story once before. I inherited my father's car and 15 years later, it died on the street. I was unemployed at the time so the car was taken by the junker before it would start getting tickets. I felt real sad that day but it ended up being the best decision in my life.

I started using public transit but the internet was just starting to catch hold. I didn't really know much about bus routes other than maybe half a dozen. I never took commuter rail and only used some subway lines. All of that would change over the years.

My folding bike became my transportation vehicle and I biked everywhere. As I got older, I began to experiment by boading commuter trains with that bike.

The bicycle was what started my interest in public transit using different systems during the weekends. In the begining, I used the bicycle travel everywhere but now I'm more transit dependant than ever. Now with the internet, I have studied bus and rail routes all over New Jersey and New York state. It's amazing how the internet truly opened my eyes at all the destinations that can be reached by transit. Although it takes more time, I can travel for a fraction of what it cost to drive using my bus pass.

It does not make sense anymore to own a car.

plustax 06-16-15 12:10 AM

It's cheap. I can use the cash to invest.

hillyman 06-18-15 06:25 PM

2 Attachment(s) became tired of living my life in the same old same old. Divorced and kids grown I decided to become an over the road truck driver. Moved out of an apartment and sold my Jeep. Now me, my truck and my bicycle. Best decision ever. Never know where I'll get to ride, many states and places.

hillyman 06-18-15 06:33 PM

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hillyman 06-18-15 06:45 PM

Well I guess I dont have a handle on downloading pics off phone

squegeeboo 06-19-15 07:13 AM

Totaled my 3rd car, got charged with a DWI, started biking while waiting on the trial. Strangely enough, never actually lost my license, not even for a day. Got all charges dropped, but by then had made it thru my first winter biking, and have stuck with it. That was back in aught 6. Had to call it aught, the kaiser stole our zero.

I figure anyone who had totaled 3 cars by the time they were 23, maybe shouldn't use a car that often.

squegeeboo 06-19-15 07:16 AM

Originally Posted by hillyman (Post 17907115)
Well I guess I dont have a handle on downloading pics off phone

Just claim the first two where from your visit to Australia.

winston63 06-19-15 12:04 PM

Well, I'm car light, not car free, but I'd say my situation just sort of evolved as I became more and more enthralled with cycling. A little over five years ago I committed to commuting to work by bike and I found that once I started, I didn't want to stop. Each year I started using the bike for more and more transportation and recreation.

Then, a year ago I added a bike well suited to touring/shopping/running errands. Now, I ride almost everywhere: I let the insurance on my truck lapse because I had zero interest in driving. I have occasionally renewed it short term to do some hauling that I couldn't do on the bike, but mostly it sits there in my driveway.

Basically, I can do almost everything I need to do on a bike or with public transit. I'm not ready to go completely car free, but that time may come.

fietsbob 06-19-15 12:53 PM

got rid of it to go out of the USA on a bike tour, never replaced it .. Moved to a different town when I returned..

cut costs .. shrunk my radius to 8 miles out. no reason to go further . 67 still single , no GF to impress with my car.

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