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clengman 11-02-18 10:11 AM

Anyone mount a trail-a-bike to an xtracycle?
I've been considering ways to get my wife and daughter to go on some short, rail trail, bike camping trips. I'd like to find a way that I can haul all or at least the majority of our family camping gear on my bike so my wife can just ride along, maybe with a small daypack.

I'm thinking about getting an xtracycle freeradical kit for my hybrid bike. Should have no problem hauling all our gear on that. I would probably even have room for my 8-year-old daughter to ride on the deck, BUT we also have an Adams trail-a-bike and it might be nice to have a stoker with a load like that. My thought is that it should be simple to mount it to one of the rear uprights on the xtracycle, but I wonder 1) Will the mount point be high enough? and 2) Will the fact that it's a little off center be a major detriment to the way the bike handles?

fietsbob 11-11-18 12:52 PM

Someone asked the same question just recently.. on this Site..

Essentially (to my mechanical Logic) You need a Fabricator to make a subframe
to mount the Trailabike hitch onto a dummy seatpost
further back , because the rear end was extended ..
making the bike's seat post out of reach..

they were designed for single bikes , which long tail cargo bikes are not.


cabledawg 02-19-19 07:23 PM

I actually did this with my Xtra. Unfortunately I dont have pics of the setup (daughter has long since outgrown the TAB). What I did was fab a new mount that attached to the Flight Deck (I dont recommend using the Snap Deck for this) just a tad ahead of the rear axle. This allowed the TAB to stay in it's stock form but track properly behind the Xtra as well as clear the racks. It didnt seem to make the Xtra unstable but she is also very light for her size and I'm, well, fat. I didnt have the Wideloaders on nor did I ever have a ton of stuff in the Freeloaders while she was with me, but I'd like to think you can shift enough stuff around to allow the TAB clearance. I do still have the mount, as janky as it is (built before I had a welder at the house).

cabledawg 02-22-19 06:12 AM

gefco59 11-21-19 01:11 PM

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