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prairiepedaler 05-19-19 06:59 AM

Cars - the Spawn of the Devil
...So says the old, now retired mechanic, at the Lusty Wrench in Ohio.

Via Twatter ether:

FiftySix 05-19-19 09:44 AM

Is he related to Bobby Boucher's momma?

Rollfast 05-19-19 05:44 PM

That's impossible.

He's pretty busy elsewhere as it is.

Rollfast 05-19-19 05:50 PM

PS to the OP THIS is the New Television.

prairiepedaler 05-20-19 08:04 PM

Originally Posted by Rollfast (Post 20937711)
PS to the OP THIS is the New Television.

Got it, Roll. Glad you liked my sig.

The medium is the massage.

prairiepedaler 06-12-19 06:55 PM

badger1 06-12-19 07:47 PM

Originally Posted by prairiepedaler (Post 20975943)

Take your rants to P&R, ffs. There, we can give them the unrestrained response(s) they deserve.

This entire sub-forum has become idiotic; nothing to do with LCF/LCL issues whatsoever.


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