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curieux88 05-31-20 10:12 AM

Iím finally quitting my job to go back for a masters degree. Luckily, the school will be in a major city (Montreal) with great bike culture and great public transit system.

Iím selling my car. I will be a poor grad student, so might as well save the insurance money.

i got to try doing things in town without using my car over the Memorial Day weekend, and it was much easier than I expected.

pinholecam 06-01-20 01:26 AM

Car free and saved a ton of money. (a car here is at least 5x what it costs in the US )

I alternate cycling to work (40mins door to door ) and running home (obviously longer).

StarBiker 06-06-20 01:16 PM

Originally Posted by Rollfast (Post 20985569)
Everything is like 40 or 60 miles out one way and 200 the other. Even the cows want a Studebaker.

Yeah, I don't live in this situation but thoroughly understand it.

Summer is here and the weather is it's usual god awful self. I cycle all year round but this time of year.....:notamused:

One thing I think of when I read these threads is COL. I wonder where some of these folks are located that do this? If it works for you great, but it's awfully tough for many to do this.

I envision leaving the area I have lived in for decades do to COL. I will most likely will live further out and need a car......

StarBiker 06-06-20 01:18 PM

Originally Posted by velojym (Post 21480893)
Went super car lite for a few years, and it worked pretty well where I was. Still used my van for some of the more obvious purposes.
Never had a thing against cars (philosophically, if I want folks to accept me and my choices, I reciprocate), but *do* have a problem with people who choose not to get along and play well with others... no matter what their mode of transport.

Sounds like most large Suburbs.

Miele Man 06-07-20 02:56 PM

Since I sometimes get someone to drive me somewhere I'm not really car-free though I don't own or rent a car. I do 99% of all my in person purchasing via a bicycle including grocery shopping.


fietsbob 06-12-20 11:38 AM

Here made a car free commitment

This another seeking a support group thread?


blue192 06-30-20 09:31 PM

I am 44 and never have owned a car. I happen to enjoy biking, walking, and taking the bus/train. I do take an uber 3~4 times a year after I go to the pub.

Zedoo 07-22-20 10:03 PM

I haven't posted here in a while since I moved on to other interests, but I am carfree now. Modern cars are so overloaded with expensive and fragile electronics that they are permanently priced out of my budget. With various injuries I can't do more than 10 miles in a day, so I ride the recumbent for short trips and a diamond frame to bus stops for longer trips.

chaapa 08-07-20 06:35 AM

All very interesting. I wish I knew where you all live. I used to live in Southeastern Massachusetts and only dreamed of being car free. But even with a car every trip was at least 10 miles, often more. Work was 58 highway miles one way. I retired 3 years ago and moved to Tampere, Finland, where my husband and I decided to go car-free. We sold our cars andinvested our money in a nicer apartment.. This city is planned for living like this. Buses run regularly. Every major road has a separate light traffic path for pedestrians and cyclists. We have a car-sharing program in the neighborhood where I could rent a car by the hour if needed. Annual unlimited bus passes cost $400. It's easy here, but I could only wish that every place wasps well planned for living like this.

matthewbarnhart 08-07-20 08:29 AM

I don't consider it a "commitment" so much as a conscious lifestyle choice.

7+ years ago, I moved from a college town in North Texas to Chicago. I sold my car and now bike 99% of the time. I'll take transit, Lyft, or rent a car/truck as-needed. I chose to live in a neighborhood that was an easy commute to work by bike, and also had good transit accessibility.

Aside from the pleasure I get from riding a bike, I've saved over US$30,000 vs. owning a car. One of the best decisions I ever made.

burritos 08-23-20 10:46 AM

Commute is 45 one way. Have been bike commuting since COVID. But household has 2 EV's and excess solar panels. Don't want to give that up just yet.

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