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carfart 05-24-13 10:38 PM

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Here's the old 2-speed Le Tour 650B conversion that I was using for the winter. It's going to become a 5 speed later this year.

For the summer I'm riding a Velo Sport Prestige. I swapped out the 27" wheels for 700x28c in order to fit fenders. I can't get enough of this bike, but it could really use wider tires for handling all the potholes.

Finally, I've got a recently acquired Bianchi Nyala that I can lose without feeling too badly about it. I use this to get to trail runs or anytime that I need to leave it unattended for quite a while. The frame came cheap from a local bike shop, and I put it together with spare parts. Don't let the photo fool you. It looks nicely beat up in person.

JeanSeb 05-25-13 09:35 AM

I'm really liking those bikes carfart, classy. :)

carfart 05-26-13 11:02 PM

Thanks. Up until last year I've always had just one bike. I don't know what happened.

Isaiahc72 02-23-14 09:42 PM

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1938 Autocycle 04-16-14 09:20 PM

When I have to haul stuff

When I only haul me

wahoonc 05-31-14 01:43 PM

Here is are a couple of new additions to the stable...

The Schwinn cruiser I bought because I could, fun ride, plan to make a couple of upgrades to it.

The Giant Melbourne needs a couple of tweaks then it is off to Boston for my car free son to use as part of his transportation mix.

Aaron :)

Buffalo Buff 02-02-15 07:47 AM

Thinking about putting some black handlebar tape on this week.

randallovelace 02-15-15 11:47 AM

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Edit: Added this night shot since that is the time of day I typically ride. current 'ride' an extremely modified Huffy Rock Creek dual suspension bicycle.
Seat and drink holder from a Huffy Cruiser, custom rack, Huffy Pannier bag, just replaced the pedals with new alloy (cause cracked the OE), and I also have a bag sits on top of the rack to hold a weeks worth of clothing (mostly work clothes as I work out of town a week at a time) - on another note - I bring my bike with me out of town so that I can go where I want when I want after work (company truck with me out of town, but they do check mileage and I'm not getting chewed for running the company truck all over town, I don't bring the truck home FYI).

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