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BikeManDan 12-17-09 02:26 PM

Berkeley, CA - Street Level Cycles

Alameda, CA - Cycles of Change

San Francisco, CA - Bike Kitchen

Santa Rosa, CA - Community Bikes

Wiggles_dad 12-20-09 04:51 AM

Salt Lake City Bike Collective!

Bah Humbug 12-28-09 02:17 PM

Boulder, CO: Community Cycles

z3px 01-18-10 05:36 PM

Does anyone know a place in SC Upstate/Western NC?

gerv 01-18-10 07:42 PM

There might be a co-op in Boone. However their web site is a little non-functional at the moment.

Check this list for others:

cycleric 01-19-10 12:02 PM

In southeast Ohio, The Athens Bicycle Co-operative:

balto charlie 02-02-10 02:14 PM

Baltimore MD, Velocipede Bike Project

Mt Rainier, Md(near Wash DC), Mt Rainier Bike Coop

mlipps 02-08-10 02:43 PM


Originally Posted by cycleric (Post 10290260)
In southeast Ohio, The Athens Bicycle Co-operative:

SE Ohio!!! :) I'll have to stop by next time I'm home! That's badass, Athens in the best small town in America :)

day1si 02-10-10 11:59 AM

Kansas City

816 Bicycle Collective

ummbnb 03-30-10 08:17 PM

Denver - The Park Hill Bike Depot -

Each year, The Bike Depot takes in hundreds of bikes from people like you, whips them into shape, and finds them a new home in the community. We'd love to help your old bike make someone very happy. We accept bikes in any condition; parts and accessories too. We are committed to recycling, so if it can't be used - it will be recycled if at all possible.


The Park Hill Bike Depot supports health and active living by increasing access to bicycles, promoting safe, bike-friendly environments and advocating for policies that promote bicycle access and use.
Programs and Services

The Park Hill Bike Depot aims to improve health, build skills and foster personal development of youth and adults through community-oriented educational and recreational bicycle programs and services, including:
  • Refurbishing gently used, donated bicycles
  • Redirecting donated bicycles for use in community programs
  • Providing bike safety education and bike riding instruction programs
  • Offering community Earn-A-Bike programs for Park Hill and surrounding communities
Area residents of all ages and abilities who are in need of a bike and can't otherwise afford one can earn a bike at The Bike Depot by completing the following:
  • Attend a basic bike safety and maintenance class
  • Complete community service time through various activities
  • Choose a bike and complete basic adjustments and repairs.
  • Get fitted for and receive a bicycle helmet

aprhockey 04-13-10 09:51 PM

Montreal Bike Co-Ops

Right To Move / La Voie Libre
1500 De Maisonneuve Ouest – Suite 202
- Membership: $20/year
- Pretty big, open 7 days a week, a lot of experienced people to help you
- Gets very crowded, there is often a line of people when it opens

The Flat (McGill Bike Collective)
3600 McTavish Street, room B-04
- Membership: Free
- Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 5pm - 8pm
- Wednesdays: they offer workshops from adjusting brakes to converting a road bike to a fixie
- Quite small and gets crowded also (especially if the weather is nice or will be nice)

Mile End Bike Garage
135 Van Horne, 2nd Floor
- Membership: $5/month
- Monday - Thursday: 6pm - 9pm
- Friday: 5pm - 8pm
- Never been there but has a good reputation

Santropol Roulant
Duluth and St. Urbain
- Membership: $15/year
- Wednesday: 5pm - 7:30pm
- Never been there

I'm sure there are others, please add to the list if you know more

sseaman 04-20-10 12:18 PM

Halcyon Bike Shop, Nashville, TN

powers2b 04-20-10 04:09 PM

Downtown Cleveland, Oh

Oberlin, Oh

Downtown Houston, Tx
Not open all year round last time I checked. Started by Oberlin graduates I believe.


gerv 05-19-10 09:36 PM

Cool Vimeo video on the Boulder co-op.

EKW in DC 05-24-10 09:28 PM

New co-op in Alexandria, VA (Old Town) - VeloCity. Opened its doors just a few weeks ago.

zephyr 05-25-10 09:49 PM

Here is a link to Revolutions Community Bicycle Shop in Memphis. It's not just about bikes, there's a lot more to it. Good web site.

SunnyFlorida 06-15-10 03:40 PM

Any co-op or bike kitchen in Melbourne/Palm Bay area in Florida? Tried to google it but saw none listed.

rhm 06-16-10 06:16 AM

For Trenton, NJ, there's the Boys & Girls Club Bike Exchange Capital Plaza. It's actually in Ewing, I think.

Bike sales on Thursday evenings and pretty much all day on Saturday. I've started volunteering there lately... it's a lot of fun. Some great old bikes to be had for a song.

See the link above for information on a bike coop in Princeton; I haven't been there, so I can't comment on it.

FatBaldMen 06-26-10 05:23 PM

Bike Co-op - - - - - - - - -Tempe AZ- - - - - - - - -

lowrah 06-28-10 01:20 PM

I keep an updated list of events in the Twin Cities, MN for women and trans and femme folk on the Grease Rag blog.
Link to the Grease Rag blog page:

The Grease Pit Women and Trans Night- This DIY community bike shop sponsors a Women and Trans Open Shop Night every Friday night, 5:00-8:00 PM
1507 South 6th St., Minneapolis
Across the Hiawatha Trail from the Cedar Riverside light rail station

Sibley Bike Depot’s Women and Trans Night- An open shop night facilitated by female mechanics every Tuesday, 6:00- 9:00 PM
712 University Ave. W., St. Paul
(651) 222-2080

Grease Rag Ride and Wrench- Hosted at Sunrise Cyclery, this event happens every 1st and 3rd Thursday with a group ride at 6Pm and free and open shop from 7-9pm. "Grease Rag’s mission is to encourage and empower women/ trans/ femme (WTF) cyclists in a collaborative and fun learning environment through rides, discussions, shop nights and educational seminars in a safer space."
901 W. Lake St. at Bryant Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55408-2858
(612) 824-6144

ReptilesBlade 07-04-10 07:20 PM

I am looking for one in the Kansas City MO area. Anyone able to help me with this?

Fizzaly 08-17-10 11:52 AM

Boise Idaho

harshbarj 08-30-10 02:07 AM

Omaha, Ne
Community Bicycle shop
525 North 33rd Street

12-4 pm Saturday
6-8 pm Wednesday
6-8 pm Thursday

From their site:

One day, one individual saw a need for a place where Gifford Park children and neighbors could learn about bicycle maintenance and safe riding. He rallied together volunteers from all walks of life who were willing to contribute however they could to bring a community bicycle shop to life. In May of 2007, the shop’s doors opened to the community. Today the Community Bike Shop of Omaha is run 100% by volunteers and donations. We’re in this entirely not-for-profit and to provide a positive place for teaching bicycle mechanics and safety. And we’re truly invested in building community along the way.

M_S 10-03-10 08:32 PM

Freecycles here in Missoula.

Very rootsy, almost all volunteer run except for the one very dedicated employee, Bob.

It's entirely re-used/recycled parts, which has its limitations, but there are lots of tools, space, workstands, and free parts which are available to anyone at no charge during hours of operation.

softside 10-25-10 07:58 AM

In Buffalo, NY there is Buffalo Blue Bicycles. It's a co-op/bike share sort of deal. Don't know much about it myself, but it's been around for a little while now.

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