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trailmix 01-14-14 06:36 PM

Lexington, KY

Best part, a brewery AND roller derby in the same building!

AngeloDolce 06-21-14 10:35 PM

Delaware - Wilmington

Urban bike project - 1500 N. Walnut St Wilmington DE
Open shop Tues & Thurs evenings 6:30pm - 9:00 pm + other programs

Open Shop | Urban Bike Project

I haven't been to this location (moved earlier this year).
Typical bicycle co-op with used bikes, new & used parts, shop space & tools, volunteer mechanics.

AngeloDolce 06-21-14 10:40 PM

Delaware - Newark
Newark Bike Project

Contact | Community, Education, Empowerment

Looks like there are some changes this summer; central location for Newark DE

Earlier space was very large, with some Saturday hours; check for current hours and location

AngeloDolce 06-21-14 10:50 PM

Virginia - Richmond
Rag and Bones Co-op
Contact | Richmond's Bicycle Cooperative

3110 West Leigh Street Richmond,Va 23230

Public hours Tues evening and Saturday afternoon.
Friendly group

They have some progressive/radical political literature, but are happy to have anybody that likes bikes come by to work on them or show them cool bikes regardless of politics.

Plenty of shop equipment, and repair advice for those that ask

rockyourheart 01-04-15 01:23 PM

St. Pete Bike Co-op
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Hope this isn't a re-post. The St. Pete Bike Co-op opened in June of 2013. We are currently open Thursdays and Sundays from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

St. Pete Bike Co-op

559 Mirror Lake Dr. N.
St. Pete, FL 33701

eofelis 01-07-15 10:58 PM

Discount Bicycle Warehouse
338 S 2nd St
Grand Junction, CO

no website or phone number

$25 tune up, $5 flat repair, mechanic on site, hard to find parts and more used parts than anywhere else in town.

randallovelace 03-01-15 10:54 AM

Orlando (Central Florida) has a couple:


Orlando Bike Co-op Fundraiser | Commute Orlando

ontwo 05-30-15 06:36 AM


Originally Posted by gerv (Post 16200132)
bike co-op volunteers? Tell us about it.

Considering that this call for first-hand accounts has gone unanswered, I will share a bit about my experiences. My first exposure to a nonprofit bike organization was the Iowa City Bike Library. The Bike Library is located in Iowa City, IA (it has relocated to a different space since my time volunteering), and is run by volunteer steering committee members and one paid Americorps volunteer. In my years of semi-frequent volunteering with the organization, it was brimming with donated bicycles, parts, and know-how. Donations were evaluated by mechanics and are either repaired for check-out or stripped for parts. The organization prides itself in recycling all unused materials, and has rehabilitated many bikes which otherwise might have reached the end of their functioning life. Here's a video from a 2012 celebration.

Since moving away from Iowa City, I have also volunteered twice at the Recyclery in Rogers Park (Chicago), and five or six times at Working Bikes in the Lower West Side of Chicago. Neither organization is very close to where I live, now, so unfortunately I am no longer an active co-op volunteer. If you have particular questions about operation of any of these groups or the types of bikes I worked on when volunteering or anything else, feel free to ask!

enigmaT120 10-19-15 12:03 PM

I haven't been by to check this place out, but a guy on the bus gave me their card.

Northwest Hub
The Northwest Hub
1230 Broadway St. NE
Salem, OR

Open: Wed - Sat 10:00 - 6:00

pBFa1 02-10-17 09:02 PM

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

NaturalCycle (co-op)

The WRENCH (community)

UWSA Bike Lab

South Osborne Bike Hub

Oriole's Bike Cage

The Bike Dump (community)

euclidean plane 04-23-17 11:59 AM

cool thank you

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