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Roody 02-19-14 02:58 PM

Carfree poetry
Evidently, Kelly Nelson is putting together an anthology of carfree poetry. She put up a website with a few poems, old and new, on it:

Does anybody here like to write or read poetry? Do you know of any poems that speak to being carfree?

gerv 02-19-14 09:09 PM

Roody I might be able to drum up a limerick, but that's about it.

I'd recommend either WS Merwin or Dylan Thomas. I suspect Thomas was carfree, but probably because he never sobered up long enough. A truly wonderful gift he had though.

DTownDave22 02-20-14 11:25 AM

I wrote a poem simply about riding bicycles, which is nothing sophisticated, but simple and reflective of how I both feel about cycling and to a small extent, how I think other cyclists feel about and engage in it in general; being something that is relatively highly accessible and simple, yet very enjoyable. It does not require a team or even another person, in the case of team sports or tennis, to name a few quickly, yet it can be versatile and have multiple benefits within our modern society.

I do feel I'm a little creative and more visually-oriented (not really with the fine arts in terms of creating like painting, drawing, etc.) and had an abstract but still not a very clear visual piece that could accompany the poem.

On a related side-note, I for example submitted a logo for a contest for a station here in Detroit-Windsor several years ago for a backstage pass to a concert, an interview with a band member and watching the show on stage. Not really believing in myself most of the time, I talked myself into trying it as the contest prize was enticing, and my automatic thoughts always are inclined into reflecting just how oh so much I believe in myself.

It was simply out of what you would be apt to find at the breakfast table, seeing it was for a morning radio show. After brainstorming and planning, I purchased and cooked what needed to be cooked and spelled out the name of the radio show with various items, took a photo and e-mailed it, and won the grand prize :). I replied, asking them if it was a joke, as I didn't believe them at first.

Regarding the piece accompanying the poem, I think the bike poem piece would be a bit more large scale and would be best viewed in-person.

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