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Booger1 08-05-14 02:00 PM

Get there before them.....Do they like the smell of single malt whiskey instead?...:)

There isn't much to do if it's hot out,short of a change of clothes and a Marine bath in the sink or some wipes.

gerv 08-10-14 07:04 AM


Originally Posted by Blue_Bulldog (Post 17004522)
I do my commuting in the Southern humidity which is tantamount to riding through a steam room like your uncle Morty used to use to do business meetings.

The whole time I've been here, I haven't yet found anywhere that thinks twice if I excuse myself to the men's room for a minute or two so I can clean up. I'm polite about it, I don't just ball out and run to the restrooms. I'll excuse myself like "Hi, good to see you... hey, I'm gonna clean up for a second, I'll be right back." When the humidity is seriously nasty, like it's about to be this month, I will carry an extra tshirt in my backpack to put under whatever it is I'm wearing. I also throw some wet wipes and a washcloth in there. It makes it so you can wash up and get back to presentable in a flash.

I'd be hard pressed to imagine there's any workplace that would mind if you got to a meeting 5-10 min early and cleaned up real quickly.

If you are opposed to throwaway alcohol wipes, you can always bring an old-fashioned facecloth. Get it damp with cold water. It cools you down quickly.

mannie3moon 08-10-14 09:05 PM

If you don't feel comfortable asking someone for a ride, you could consider the bus/train or a taxi if you can afford it. If you commute in street clothes, you could try tying your hair back with a bandana to keep it pretty while riding. I don't have any experience with throwing a wet headband or scarf in the freezer, but you could give that a try.

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