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Long Distance Competition/Ultracycling, Randonneuring and Endurance Cycling Do you enjoy centuries, double centuries, brevets, randonnees, and 24-hour time trials? Share ride reports, and exchange training, equipment, and nutrition information specific to long distance cycling. This isn't for tours, this is for endurance events cycling

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Because of my own mistake I had 6 flats on the first day on my first 1000k brevet back in 2010. I build my own front wheel with the dynohub put new tires and went for a test ride before the big event, making sure spokes would stay tensioned.
I had a flat on that ride after about 30 miles. Flats happen, not a big deal, right?

A week later riding on a 1000k brevet at 7 am I had a flat about 20 miles into the ride with outside temperature at 96 F . Had to let my fast group go while I was changing a flat getting soaked in sweat. Later in the day and after 2 more flats I had to find a bike shop to get more tubes and a new tire. Riding alone trying to figure out why I was having flats I was blaming the new tires I had installed before the ride because most reviews of that brand said: "nice riding tires, but very week puncture protection".

After changing 3 more flats on the newly purchased tire I had no more strength to pump enough air in the tire with my mini pump. My shoulder started to cramp plus my eyes hurt because of all the sweat that was pouring on my face while I was changing tubes and pumping, pumping, pumping...
I was about to abandon the ride because of the frustration and I had no more spares , but I did not have any bail out plans and I had no more flats(!?). Then I realized that I did not flat any more because my tire pressure was way lower than recommended since I could not pump any more air.

I got to the hotel by 2:30 am and took the tire off again and carefully inspected my newly built rim. The rim strip was not not seated all the way(less than 1 mm) causing the tube to get thought the spoke hole and rub through. It was an easy fix, but I had no more spares and had to get more the next day.

Most people on that ride DNF because of the heat wave, temperatures range from 96F in 6 a.m. to 106F in the afternoon. The ordeal with the flats helped me finish the ride. What kept my mind off the heat suffering was trying to figure out why I was flatting so much and concentrating on that instead of on the heat. The rest of the ride was less adventurous because I had no more flats and heat wave passed.
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Originally Posted by rhm View Post
The rider in question noticed his seat getting wobbly somewhere around mile 200. On inspection it proved that his carbon seat post was deteriorating at the top.
I have seen this on an SA saddle which has a huge amount of setback available. So you can overload the front bolt. I gave the rider a giant wire tie and some smaller ones, and they lashed the seat to the top tube. There was only 30 miles left, so riding out of the saddle was possible, but it would have been annoying. I have ridden 20-30 miles out of the saddle at the end of a fleche due to saddle sores.

I think the most common failures I have seen have been broken shifter cables. And it's hard to change a shifter cable on the road, in many cases. Best to replace them more often than you want.

Big, strong wire ties can be a ride saver. My giant ortlieb saddle bag developed a problem with the mounts, and fell off. I found a shoelace by the side of the road, and that held up the weight, but I used a wire tie to hold the bag to the seat post.
Randonneuring -- it's touring for people that aren't smart enough to stop for the night.
It's a wonderful sport when you can make up for a lack of ability with a lack of sleep
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Let me think a bit....
Funny noise in bottom bracket, thought bottom bracket was going bad, turned back 30 miles into a 400k. Turned out to be the timing chain sprocket.
Broken shifter cable, we had spares in the group, fixed.
Broke a chain on the tandem going up Dinosaur Hill at midnight, replaced a quicklink and continued.
A rider cracked the shaft in the bottom bracket on Dinosaur Hill, hitched a ride in and DNFed.
Another rider had a crank arm crack during a ride. He had a spare back at motel and replaced it when he got in.
Had a flat, then a blowout, another flat, or something like that- anyway, used up all my tubes and two patch kit glue tubes were dry (though neither had been opened)- patched the tube with duct tape and finished the ride.
Seat post broke for one rider, they were able to put it farther down in the frame and he finished the ride.
Tandem frame cracked for one team, the captain hitched a ride back to the motel room, retrieved their Bike Fridays, and they finished the ride on them.
Bike fell over at a control, bent the derailleur hanger; attempting to straighten snapped it right off. Rider DNFed.
Electronic shifting decided it didn't like the Small Ring, rider got to mash it on in with the Big Ring.
A couple of incidents of spokes breaking, repaired with fiberflex spokes.
Flat tire, start to fix it, and pump breaks. Tire already had 70 psi, was able to ride on to the next control and borrow a floor pump and spare take-along pump.
Tire blew out, hole in sidewall, but rider carried a spare.
Rescued a rider who was stranded without CO2 or pump. They had one or the other, just wasn't working.
Riders left a tandem outside a convenience store. Someone threw it in the street and bent the frame.
Front skewer got loose, let terminals on the hub generator rotate, and pulled the little plugs loose from the wires.
Rear hub gave up the ghost. Hitched a ride in.
Started to air up a tire at the ride start, and pulled the valve stem right off. Hurriedly replaced the tube, discovered I had "skinny" tubes for 32mm tires. Got five miles out of town, that tube went flat, replaced it, detoured 5 miles out of the way to a Walmart to pick up tubes, made it to the 18 mile control with zero minutes to spare.
Rider's rear derailleur exploded mid ride (presumably, got sucked into the wheel). Bike mechanic who was hosting the ride converted it to single-speed, rider still DNFed after a while.
Rider's riding along, hits a rough spot, and Garmin unit goes bouncing along the pavement, the mount had broken.
"be careful this rando stuff is addictive and dan's the 'pusher'."
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Riding along a false flat, about 20 metres from where the road suddenly drops down at 8% (it hits 10% further on), when my front tyre suddenly went flat. There was a hole in the side of the tyre I could poke my finger through. I'm just glad whatever did the damage wasn't a bit further down the road.
I woosed out and called for a lift - my son was available, I was about 10 km from home and it wasn't something you'd patch easily with a boot.
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A friend had a mind set that he needed his seat far back - way far back. Riding along one day and a crack! Spinning mountain bike knobbie vs. balls, separated by only by lycra. He's still alive and no one that saw it happen can keep a straight face now a days.
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V brake pads wore out while riding in the rain, 1999 Bike Tour of Colorado, Ouray to Durango. Seems the soil in the Rockies is full of grit, wore the pads right down while descending Engineer Pass. I heard the metal brake parts grinding against the rim. Had to move the pads higher, lots of fun at 36 degrees in the rain.

Not many other stories, broken Chain (no chain tool, so a hike-a-bike), 4 flats, buddies cassette lock ring got loose, another buddies single bolt threaded stem broke, single bolt seat post breaks - guy rides to car standing up. The usual
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Steve B.
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Join Date: Jul 2007
Location: South shore, L.I., NY
Bikes: Flyxii FR322, Soma Smoothie, Miyata City Liner, Specialized FSR Comp, Fuji Professional
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Ask this in a year and somebody’s going to answer;

“Bike is in smallest cog and small ring ‘cause I forgot to charge the battery”
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Mt biking with a real long seat post and a fairly laid back seat tube, post split right above the seat tube. Had a Leatherman along in the tool bag and filed the snapped off part and stuck it back in the seat tube and rolled it on home.

Before that I had one of those cheapo suspension seat posts and the top of it came off 10km from home on a gravel ride. Bungie cords kept it together until I got home.
My Cambodia bikes;1981 Centurion Pro Tour, 1985 Gazelle Mens Market bike, 19?? Maxwell Allroad, 2012 Fuji Stratos.
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