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Help with pacing/training?


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when I lived in Utah, I rode with 5 water bottles -- 3 in the back pocket. One mid-summer 30 mile ride, I ran out of water. That was ugly.

Nowadays, I take a hydration pack under those conditions.
I probably could make 50 miles on one water bottle if the conditions were cool. Otherwise, no. It's no fun being constantly in search of water.
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Originally Posted by torero310 View Post
well I'll put it this way... in theory I can fit two water bottles on my bike. The issue is that I need to carry a pump (I have a frame one... that wedges between seat post and down tube) and I have a saddle bag for if I get a flat (we also have to take care of our own flats) so I don't really have room for another bottle. The reason I can't have 2 bottles AND a pump in the middle, is because my bike is smaller than most... I believe I have a 47cm or something similar to that (possibly 45). I can definitely fit 1 750 ml, If I'm lucky I may be able to fit a 500 mL but I still haven't figured that part out yet. I've considered putting water bottles in my pockets (thinner ones but long, 500 mL) but I feel like that may be uncomfortable. I've also toyed with the idea of bringing a light rucksack/backpack but I don't really know. I would show a picture of my bike but I'm not with it...
I always carry two bottles.

A side opening cage will work with a lot of smaller frames. Perhaps you can fit a standard size 18 oz/600 ml bottle there.

Some smaller pumps have a clip mount that fits under a bottle cage, so the pump is alongside the frame tube. For example. I like the smaller pumps that have a hose, they are less likely to stress or break the valve stem.

But now, I just carry a spare tube, a CO2 cartridge (occasionally 2 cartridges and adding a patch kit), and this tiny CO2 inflator. I get maybe one flat a year. The inflator is very easy to use -- it's easy to inflate the tire just a little, then check that the tire beads are seated evenly, and fill up the rest of the way.

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I believe I have looked at side opening cages (the issue isn't the cage, I can definitely screw in 2 cages, it's just that with the water bottles they don't all fit). But once i get back to my bike I will definitely try out different things... maybe I'll just hang out at a local bike store and watch them laugh at me while I figure out what works lol.

Thanks for letting me know that water bottles work in the back pockets! That will be my last resort (also if I feel cheap). I do know the suffering of not bringing enough water. I was dehydrated one time before I left, brought 750 mL with me, went about 20 miles (roughly at a 15mph pace average) and luckily I was most of the way back (I wanted to add another 5-10 miles but was dehydrated) and this was in the summer.

Unterhausen do you prefer hydration packs? I have one, it's just a bit faulty and I'm not sure I want to have it on me (much more comfortable riding without heavy stuff in the back... but then again, waterbottles are heavy too if you add them up).

I'm assuming I should either just put my wallet/phone in my saddle bag?
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I only use my hydration pack if I feel like water bottles aren't going to work. It is somewhat uncomfortable on my shoulders. The nice thing is that I can get almost 100 miles out of it if it's not too hot. I think hydration packs might lead some people to drink too much water, I know one person that says they lead to a higher DNF rate. I'm not sure about that, the conditions where I wear a hydration pack lead to a higher DNF rate no matter what I'm wearing.

The most frustrating time I had with a hydration pack was when I was out of water but there was still ice in the pack. So I had to wait for some of the ice to melt to get a drink. It was really hot that day, i was parched.
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A properly controlled GF will have hydration stations at reasonable intervals to replenish H2O unlike self-supported LD rides where it's catch-as-catch-can. Being prepared for the actual time/distance between service opportunities is all that is necessary in an organized GF event. Find out from the organizer how the on-route service is provided, if at all and plan accordingly. That being said time spent in a service stop in a timed event produces Zero distance covered with the clock still running. Managing service stops to an absolute minimum time or eliminating them entirely avoids zero Mph, missing water when needed results in a DNF.

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