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unterhausen 01-12-19 06:06 PM

PBP preregistration
anyone know how it works? Does it start at midnight Paris time?
Do you pick your start time then? I would like to start as early in the 90 hour group as possible, can I just tell them that?

Also, do you need the cert number from your longest ride?

joewein 01-13-19 07:58 AM

Originally Posted by unterhausen (Post 20744975)
Also, do you need the cert number from your longest ride?

Yes, you will need the homologation number that is listed on the brevet card mailed back to you after homologation, to identify your longest ride.

The steps should be same as in the 2015 event described here.

kingston 01-13-19 08:30 AM

I created an account and was able to find all of my rides except the mac-and-cheese just searching by club name so that was easy. Couldn't find the 1,200k even searching for the cert #. We'll see if it let's me pre-register tonight. Not the end of the world if I have to wait for the next group.

Our GLR RBA Michele has a started a series of articles on Getting Ready for PBP.

unterhausen 01-13-19 08:54 AM

I got my mac 'n' cheese cert number from my RUSA results and also from the Ranndonneurs Mondiaux site, so it should be there for you.

Unofficial LRM Results
My name is listed twice on the RM site, some people use the middle initial and they don't check that.

There is a thread here about getting ready for PBP, the main two things I would change from 2011 is that I am going to plan on getting a cot at Montagne au Perche on the way back. And also have a way to tell how much time I have in the bank. My main piece of advice is don't sleep in a ditch too close to the road. It's called a ditch nap, but don't sleep in an actual ditch. I saw they want to discourage public urination. I wish them good luck with that.

I guess they don't let you enter 1200k's yet.

kingston 01-13-19 09:02 AM

I got the cert # from the RUSA results page. It just doesn't come up when I search for it on the PBP pre-registration results site. Does yours?

rhm 01-13-19 09:30 AM

Could it be that @kingston's result was handled differently because he did the pre-ride?

unterhausen 01-13-19 10:23 AM

I didn't understand what Kingston meant, the ACP site doesn't have 1200k or French results yet. I feel like they aren't going to have it ready by tomorrow. Not sure if that means we are all stuck registering with the 600k folks or if they really are going to have it live before then. Except for people that did 1000k's.

kingston 01-13-19 11:37 AM

My results are on the LRM site same as everyone else's. The issue is with the ACP site. Midnight in Paris is 6PM ET, so we should know in a few hours if we can pre-register in the first wave.

unterhausen 01-13-19 12:08 PM

Yes, it looks like only people that did a 1000k that wasn't in France can be sure that they can register tonight. Or maybe they will delay it until they fix this. Too bad they felt compelled to automate the site so much, I think they could do it by hand faster than scraping the info from RM.

unterhausen 01-13-19 05:13 PM

google translate says, "due to a technical problem, registrations are currently unavailable" -- it's like Santa called in sick on Christmas

unterhausen 01-13-19 05:49 PM

okay, it works. Don't bother trying to enter the number on the "results" tab, that still doesn't work. it asks for the number when you register.
the preregistration doc they sent me will not open though

kingston 01-13-19 06:44 PM

Thanks for the update @unterhausen. I'm pre-registered for the 5AM start.

unterhausen 01-13-19 08:21 PM

I always thought about doing the 84 hour start, but I can never talk myself into it. I like the night riding, it's the second day that I don't like.

apparently they sent a bad pdf file to a lot of people

atwl77 01-13-19 08:44 PM

I just pre-registered. You need your homologation number for your longest ride in 2018, and while registering you have to choose one of the three finishing times (80h, 90h, 84h). For each category there is a dropdown box that lets you choose a specific departure time (e.g. I picked 5:00am for the 84h departure), but there are limited "slots" for each time so choose quickly. Also you need a Paypal account for the 30 Euro registration fee.

Damn, now I feel both hyper excited and filled with dread at the same time.

downtube42 01-13-19 09:19 PM

I'm in, 90 hour start at 17:45 with the specials. I, too, can't bring myself to give up 6 hours for a morning start, despite two finishes around 80 hrs. You never know what will happen.

Now for lodging. My tentative plan is to stay in Paris and take a train to/from the start.


unterhausen 01-14-19 11:30 AM

do they let the specials do the 84 hour start?

I urge anyone that wants to preregister (with 600k or less last year) to set up their account on the site now. I expect the site to be hammered for a while each time it opens for new riders, and setting up an account takes some time. They send you a confirmation email, and people were reporting it was slow going.

I think you can just go directly to this link.
This might be more important if your longest ride last year was shorter than 600k, they are making noises like they think the ride will be full for the first time.

tbdean 01-14-19 12:06 PM

Originally Posted by unterhausen (Post 20747347)
they are making noises like they think the ride will be full for the first time.

When do you think it'd fill up? My longest is a 600.

unterhausen 01-14-19 01:19 PM

I'm sure 600k will get you in. I would still make an account now so you have more choices of start time. I would be a little worried if I only had a 200k or 300k last year. And certainly those people should be making an account.

They made a big fuss about not having enough slots in 2011, but everyone that wanted in got in. There are a lot more regions now though, so this might be the year.

clasher 01-14-19 02:20 PM

I wonder if there are over 5000 people that did 1000/1200 rides last year... I'd be kind of surprised but I have no idea how popular randonneuring is worldwide, beyond "it's growing"

unterhausen 01-14-19 04:07 PM

no, it's all the same people riding more than one grand randonnee. It took me a while (3 hours maybe?) to talk iTrod into registering last night and he was #500 . If there are 1000 people signed up now I would be surprised. And those are the most likely people to ride PBP. The ACP folks would know the stats, but it's interesting how few riders in the U.S. ride a 600k or even a 400k in a given year.

The link I gave above to the Randonneurs Mondaix site lists everyone that has ever ridden a 1200k or longer (other than PBP). There just aren't that many. Of course, that doesn't include the number of people that have ridden a 1000k, which is an ACP event. RM has 13269 recorded rides. There was an event in China in 2016 with almost 300 finishers. I am pretty sure there were no randonneuring events in China before 2011.

Okay, they released the numbers: "After one day, PBP'19 preregistrations reach 1700 entries. No stress, 4600 entries are still available!"

clasher 01-14-19 07:34 PM

I guess I will have to be on the ball to get a favourable start time when they open it up to 600K finishers.

iTrod 01-15-19 11:32 AM

Preregistration Validated!
Just got an email from ACP stating that my preregistration #500 was validated! I depart 6:15 pm on Sunday in the 90 hour group.

unterhausen 01-15-19 12:20 PM

you are going to have to work to catch me in order to hate drop me

samkl 01-15-19 09:26 PM

So, what are the prospects for someone who hasnít done any brevets last year?

unterhausen 01-15-19 09:58 PM

hard to say. They were warning that it would fill up in 2011 and it never did, so anyone that wanted to ride and did the SR series in 2011 got to ride. Same could happen this year. The new riders from Asia and Eastern Europe are really making it difficult to predict. They do have a hard cap on how many can ride.

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