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Classtime 07-14-20 11:36 AM

Nitto M1 (Marks Rack) vs. M18
I ordered a M1 from Japan and then was informed that shipping would take forever so I cancelled the order. The M18 which seems to be widely available in US is now under consideration. The rack will sometimes go on a Trek 620 with low rider brazeons. And sometimes on another bike with brazeons at the drop outs. Either way, I will get longer struts and attach at the fork crown also. I intend to luck out on an Acorn Rando Bag later this Summer or Fall. I was about to order the M18 but thought to check here first if there was a good reason to wait for the M1. Under what circumstances might I wish that I had Mark's Rack instead of the M18?

canopus 07-14-20 12:51 PM

I can think of one situation I have right now... The M1 with the 2 to 4 point mount, I wouldn't have to use the brake bridge mount. I have a frame right now I would like a lower rack on but I can't get the bridge mount between the fender and side pull caliper or between the caliper and the headset cup. It is just that tight. So for right now I am stuck with a bar mount till I figure out a solution. The M1 might do it if it could fit on the middle fork braze ins. If you don't forsee sidepulls on your bike, I don't think you will miss the M1.

What I would want is a rack like the Velo Orange Constructeur rack with drop out mounts and a rear mount point of the M1 so I could be sure it wouldn't drop onto the wheel and still avoid the brake bridge mount.

kingston 07-14-20 02:55 PM

I have an M1. I'd get it every single time over an M18 if both were available, but the M18 will probably be fine if that's all you can get. Front racks with a handlebar bag and decaleur are a bit of a pain to install, especially if you add dynamo lighting, so I wouldn't ever consider swapping that setup between two different bikes.

Tandem Tom 07-17-20 05:15 AM

Interesting that shipping is a problem. I recently ordered a SP hub from Velo Lumino and it was shipped from Tiawain. Only took about 3 weeks. May e size is a factor?

joewein 07-18-20 03:04 AM

Pre-Covid a lot of commercial freight used to travel in the belly of passenger jets but there are very few passenger flights between Japan and the US at the moment, since Americans can not currently enter Japan and even returning Japanese would be subject to a 14 day quarantine. So that might explain the shipping delays between Japan and the US.

Taiwan is more of a manufacturing hub and less of a tourist destination (though it's well worth visiting post-Covid!), so their shipping may be based more on freight jets unaffected by the restrictions on passenger traffic.

ascherer 07-26-20 09:08 PM

Can't speak to the M1, I have an Acorn medium rando riding very happily on an M18 on a frame without brazeons. Super solid.

bwilli88 08-14-20 09:00 PM

I have an Acorn mid randonneur bag on an M1 or Mark's rack and it is great.

Classtime 08-15-20 09:27 AM

I ordered the M1 from Japan and will wait. If I'm lucky, I'll get an Acorn this fall.

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