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Handlebar bag suggestions needed...

Old 08-17-20, 09:43 PM
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Handlebar bag suggestions needed...

I'm looking for a handlebar bag. I don't need anything huge. This is for single day events. Not bikepacking or anything. I do want something that will fit between standard drop bars and still give me room to use the drops, and I would like something that hangs below the bar so I can still use my computer with the out front mount.

I welcome any and all suggestions.
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Old 08-18-20, 04:15 AM
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From what I've seen, there are three or four basic ways to attach a bag at this location.

You can just hang a bag from the handlebar. I've tried one of these and have up on it. It tends to flop under the bar and I find this pretty useless.

There are the ones that hang from a steel support that cantilevers forward from the center of the bar. The old Cannondale handle bar bags are like that. The advantage is it's easy to move from bike to bike. But they're not big. I have one that I rarely use.

Some attach to the bar with a click-fix system. These can be pretty nice but they always stand to a couple inches higher than I'd like. I have one that I used to use a lot but I never really liked it. I won't replace it.

And finally there are the ones that require a front rack and decaleur. This is by far the most expensive type of bag, and the rack and decaleur may cost almost as much as the bag. But it's really the best way to mount a bag. I have two of these, both older models from Velo Orange that they don't make anymore. I use one of them all the time. If I needed to replace it I'd probably get the current model from Velo Orange.
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Old 08-18-20, 08:29 AM
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I am not suggesting a bag, but only mentioning how you can lower the bag using a second stem. But this means you need to have enough steerer tube for a second stem and you also have to have enough height that the bag will clear whatever is below the bag. And you need a stub of handlebar or a tube to go between the stem and bag bracket. I used a piece of PVC pipe on one of my bikes as this tube, but it cracked and broke, so I advise against PVC pipe.

Thorn also makes an accessory T bar that functions the same way, I used that on a couple bikes, but the shipping cost from the UK to USA these days is a bit high. On one of my bikes I only had 25mm of spare steerer tube, thus a second stem would not work but the T bar did.

I just barely had clearance with a different one of my handlebar bags on this bike.

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Old 08-18-20, 09:02 AM
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The Topeak Tourguide is a decent inexpensive option. I have one that I used quite a lot for a few seasons. The fixer has a spot to mount your computer, but probably not with the out-front mount. I can't think of anything that mounts to the handlebars AND hangs below the bar so you could use the out-front mount.
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I have and love the Dill Pickle handlebar bag. Mounts securely just using straps, not too big, very clever design that does everything you need it to. It carries enough for a 400k when paired with a small under-seat tool pouch. But it also doesn't mount below the bar, so you'd need to attach your computer to the stem or something.
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Old 08-18-20, 03:03 PM
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This one is not cheap, but it works wonderfully. You really don't need to run the elastic straps to the handlebars unless you're riding off-road and need extra stability.

Ultralight Brevet bag on my Seven Redsky

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Originally Posted by samkl View Post
I have and love the Dill Pickle handlebar bag. Mounts securely just using straps, not too big, very clever design that does everything you need it to. It carries enough for a 400k when paired with a small under-seat tool pouch. But it also doesn't mount below the bar, so you'd need to attach your computer to the stem or something.
I use the dill pickle bag and it's a great handlebar bag. I just mount my wahoo on the stem instead of using the out-in-front mount. The garmin mounts are much better than the zip-tie crap that wahoo includes with their units, the garmin ones just need a bit of trimming to hold the slightly larger wahoo tabs.
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Old 08-19-20, 02:04 AM
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I love my Dill Pickle but won't really work with an out in front.

There's some options if you want to go small and work around the out in front getting in the way.
I'm waiting for one of these to arrive

Rapha do a similar one:
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This bike has an Acorn handlebar bag and tool roll.

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Could be worth keeping an eye on this:
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Banjo Bros Doesn't flop around.
Velophoria: Reviewed: Banjo Brothers Handlebar Bag
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Old 09-05-20, 11:08 PM
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I have both a road runner burrito and small speedslev bag. I did replace the zipper pull on the speedslev with a rope one as the stock zipper bounced and made a lot of noise.

Both bags are nice, with the road runner having a better build quality, but at a higher price. I mostly just use them to hold my phone, wallet and sometimes a snack.
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Old 09-06-20, 07:37 AM
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I really like the Apidura Racing Handlebar bag.
Not too big, but it will hold a fair amount. The two bottle/snack holders come in handy to eat on the go and also keeps the drink colder longer. I use aero bars, and it velcro's up to them nicely. Weighs in at 265 grams.
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Old 09-07-20, 10:20 AM
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Iíve been using the Swift Zeitgeist for a few months. It fits well in the 46cm drop bars. Itís really well made and the perfect size for me. It does push on the cables a bit which does affect shifting once in a while. If you use the optional foam spacer blocks it will hang slightly below the bars. My Wahoo is mounted on the stem.

This isnít the most relevant picture but itís all I have at the moment. Coffee break overlooking the mighty Fraser River.
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Originally Posted by katsup View Post
road runner burrito
This is my recommendation, Iíve been using one of these now for a while and have been very pleased with it. Depending on your cable routing and how full you stuff it, itís possible to achieve very little flopping around or rattling. It will interfere with some out front computer mounts, specifically in my experience K-Edgeís mounts that drop the computer below the top surface of the bars. But it plays nicely with mounts that put the computer slightly above the plane of the bars like the typical Garmin brand Garmin mount that comes with most of their computers. Iím able to fit two 700x35 tubes, a sizable multi-tool, patch kit, 2 tire levers, 2 co2 cartridges, a fiberfix spoke, 2 tire boots, a tubeless bacon strip repair kit, a small bottle of tubeless sealant, and a few gels/bars. If youíre not worried about packing away warmers/wind vest/rain jacket itís a great size for any rides done during waking hours.
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