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twa 08-30-21 03:44 PM

Carradice Lightweight Audax Saddlebag

I was wondering if anyone has used the Carradice Lightweight Audax saddlebag and, if so, how they like it. It looks good for my needs (tool, tube, layer, food storage on 200 to 300K day rides) and is priced within my budget (~$100) but I haven't come across any reviews of it on the Internet. From the Carradice website description I believe it is very similar to the Super C Audax but made of Cordura nylon instead of waxed cotton duck. If you have used this bag, do you think it would work hanging off saddle loops without the Bagman or SQR support rack? I have about 10.5" clearance between the loops and the top of the rear tire.

  • Riding Style: Slow, comfort-oriented
  • Current Set Up: 2021 Space Horse, B17 saddle (no mudguards, no racks), REI 6L handlebar bag, Timbuk2 Sonoma seat pack

unterhausen 08-30-21 04:02 PM

I have never seen one of the lightweight ones in use.

The problem with not using a support with a Carradice style bag is that it really flops around when you stand up. I guess the pockets are nice.

tyrion 08-30-21 04:29 PM

The ones with 3 mounting points don't flop much if all 3 mounting points are fairly tight.

Tourist in MSN 08-31-21 05:18 AM

I have a Carradice Pendle, I see no reason why the attachments for the Audax would be much different than the Pendle.

I use a Brooks Conquest on most of my bikes, it does not have saddle loops, but does have springs and I put the saddle loop straps around spring coils instead, works just fine.

First photo, my Pendle hanging from the saddle.

The photo above, my legs would just barely hit the bag, not a big deal but a minor nuisance. The strap around the seatpost, I used a toe clip strap instead of the short buckle strap that was provided.

Below, I used the appropriate shim to put a stem on my seatpost, and put a short (about 6 inches) wood dowel in the seatpost horizontally, that holds the bag further back and also holds the bag a bit more upright. Bag no longer touches my legs when I pedal. And the bag being a bit more upright makes the bag a bit more convenient. Dowel is hidden in the photo below, sprayed the dowel black.

Same bag and same stem in photo below, but this is on a different bike, the dowel is easier to see. This model bag did not include D rings for a shoulder bag when I bought mine, I added them.

I use a sheet of Corroplast inside the bag as a stiffener so that the bag does not hang down like a wet pillowcase. If you try that, try it first with a sheet of cardboard (gives you an excuse to buy a pizza box) to get the size just right. I used a piece of cardboard for that purpose for over a year before i cut a piece of Corroplast to replace it.

I have not seen the Carradice Audax other than photos on my computer screen, thus I can't comment on that model.

Regarding tire clearance, the red bike has a horizontal top tube, seat tube size is 59 cm. I had more than adequate tire clearance, but my seatpost is higher than some other riders would have it. Photo below gives you a better tire clearance guesstimate. Wheels are 700c.

twa 08-31-21 09:05 AM

Thank You Very Much
Thanks everyone for the feedback! Sounds like it is worth a go. Thanks Tourist for the detailed description and photos of your Pendle set ups. If I end up getting the Lightweight Audax, I will refer to your improvement ideas and also post some photos in case anyone else is interested.

Tourist in MSN 08-31-21 10:50 AM

If you do not have enough clearance with your tire, on the Touring forum, Happy Feet uses this rack for his Carradry saddle bag.

Photo of that combination here:

twa 09-07-21 06:59 PM

Thanks again

Originally Posted by Tourist in MSN (Post 22208965)
If you do not have enough clearance with your tire, on the Touring forum, Happy Feet uses this rack for his Carradry saddle bag.

Photo of that combination here:

Thanks. I had not seen that rack before. Looks good.

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