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2022 Randonnees

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Just a bison grazing by the side of the road, NBD. From a metric century last weekend.
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Completed my SR series with a 600k over the weekend. Although the route wasn't a very tough one, but it was a somewhat unenjoyable ride due to frequent bouts of sleepiness. I didn't manage to get much sleep the night before, then had to wake up very early in the morning for a 1++ hour drive to the start location for a 5am start.

Initially the ride was great; we had a very huge turnout as there were plenty of people looking to get their SR. The pace was very fast at the beginning, quickly breezing through checkpoints 1 and 2 under some very nice, overcast and cool weather. In the evening, on the way to CP3, things started going downhill for me as I had to make my first power nap at a bus stop. Second long nap at a petrol station about 40km away from CP3. Finally reached CP3 and was looking for a hotel to shower and rest in, but every single hotel in town was fully booked. I wasted nearly an hour asking about 8 hotels in town but nope, they're all full. I ended up circling back to the checkpoint, then getting less than 3 hours of sleep on the cold, hard floor.

The second day wasn't as hilly as the first, but I kept losing time from frequent bouts of sleepiness, stopping just about everywhere to close my eyes and power nap to try and stave off those pesky/dangerous microsleeps. It just wasn't fun at this point, but doing the math in my head, knowing I still had enough time to get this ride done kept me going. At the end of the day, I managed to finish on time - but with less than an hour remaining on the clock.
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Saturday two of us rode RUSA Perm #01124 - Portland to Olympia, taking advantage of a dry and relatively calm day. We did have a slight headwind most of the day, but nothing significant. We left Portland just after 7am, hugging the west bank of the Columbia river along US Highway 30 up to Ranier, OR. This segment was about 50 miles, flat, and pleasant due to a wide shoulder and light traffic. The Lewis and Clark bridge into Longview, Washington is notorious for being heavily littered with logging debris - the shoulder can be so covered with bark it's unrideable. It's a cantilevered bridge, a bit of a climb, and a nice fast descent down and into Longview. The tree bark did get a bit sketchy to navigate as I sped down the Washington side. Longview was our first stop; for some odd reason we were both craving burgers so we hit a Wendy's for a couple #2 specials. The road got a bit lumpier in Washington, culminating in the highpoint near Winlock, WA, home of the world's largest egg. RWPGS recognize three "climbs" on this route; all in the 2nd half and none that presented a challenge. We hit up a C-store in Winlock; I just had a Hostess fruit pie and some Starbucks cold drink, while I think my buddy just ate some cookies he had stowed. Odd that a couple veteran randos - 25 years experience and two Mondials between us - would make rookie nutrition mistakes, but we did. We carried on happily through Chehalis then Centralia, stopping at a Starbucks around mile 99 for coffee. But no food, like a couple newbs. Somewhere around Grand Mound - I'm not sure whether just before or after - I started to feel the bonk coming on, which is absurd since I'd been carrying a large rice krispie treat and three gels from the start. Then my buddie says, "I'm starting to bonk". So we stopped alongside the road, ate what we had, marveled at an enormous ant mound alongside the road, then carried on. I was feeling ok, but my buddy had bonked pretty hard. Fortunately there was a bit of headwind, meaning he could sit in an catch a decent draft while I did the work. Funny how that works out; sometimes a headwind helps. The rest was pretty straightforward, just ticking down the miles on gentle rolling terrain with I think one "climb" per RWGPS. My buddy's gels kicked in just as we rolled in to Olympia for the finish, which worked out fine since we had 9 miles remaining to the Olympia/Lacy Amtrak station. Elapsed time on the 200 was 9:59, finishing just a bit after sunset. Downtown OLY to Amtrak is mostly trail, which was a nice way to finish. We got to the station just after 6 and our train was at 7:30, so we had plenty time. I suppose we could have gone out for food somewhere in that time, but we elected to warm up inside the train station, and hit the cafe car once under way. Olympia to Portland is about 2 - 2.5 hours, then 45 minutes transit. I was home about 11pm.

For a November perm in the PNW, finishing dry is a big win.
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200k DNF

Not really my shortcomings. It was a 200k with an up and over and out and back with 10,000 feet of climbing. After more than half of the climbing done, there is a flat section going north on Pacific Coast Highway. At mile 60, the road was blocked due to a car crash with multiple fatalities, no way around it, and the road wasn't going to reopen for two hours. My lighting plans didn't account for this delay and I had to turn around. On a positive note, I did get all 10,000 feet of climbing in the 95 miles completed. Standard road cranks with 52 and 40 tooth rings with a 14-28 6 speed freewheel were not ideal for this ride and the experience is motivating me to re-formulate my Rando Bike before my next brevet later a 2023 SR series.
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