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Extreme soreness and numbness in my butt after about 400-500kms

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Extreme soreness and numbness in my butt after about 400-500kms

Old 08-11-22, 09:30 PM
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Originally Posted by headwind15
Carbonfiberboy... it sounds like you know a lot about this...
Saddle sores are not the same as "sore butt." Saddle sores are essentially bed-sores, break down of the skin due to long term oxygen deprivation resulting in skin ulcers. There are also friction-caused saddle sores, usually from too high a saddle or jerky pedaling. Then there are also infected hair follicles . .

I am still unable to ride because of this. What would you do/ use to treat my long term oxygen deprived/ chamois abraded state of butt discomfort?
Yeah, unfortunately I do know a lot about it. In the future, if you want to hear back from someone, the surest way is to quote their post when you respond.

Treatment depends on what you see in a hand-held mirror. If you see round almost bloody-looking spots, those are small skin ulcers. Put DuoDerm on them. Get them good and clean and dry first and very importantly, no antiseptic as that interferes with healing. Anyway, this stuff: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0015TG6MQ

Cut pieces to size with scissors and apply to affected area. My affected areas are usually maybe 2" X 3" at most with the ulcer(s) only being a small part of that, so I cut a dressing big enough to cover the ulcer(s) plus about 3/4" larger all around. You'll see a white exudate the next day where the ulcers are. That's good. I usually leave the dressing on for 3 days, remove and replace if the ulcer is still there. Usually 3 days is enough to make new skin over them. Then I apply the Q10 cream. When the area doesn't hurt anymore when I push on it, I can ride again. I use the best shorts I can find and put on enough saddle cream so that it bleeds through to my saddle, which will look greasy, but so what.

OTOH, if you don't have ulcers, just use the Q 10 cream and again, don't ride until it doesn't hurt anymore. Try different shorts and saddles. It could be that your butt just isn't a rando butt. I used to rando just fine, but after I turned 70 my butt got delicate and now 200-300k is my limit and even then, it'll take a week for my butt to recover. There's bike life other than rando.
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Old 08-12-22, 05:12 AM
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Derriere pain is not necessarily caused by an improper saddle per the linked video.

I can say from personal experience that I honestly never had any really major saddle pain issues until I had an accident about a year ago and I no longer sit symmetrically and square on the saddle. I get pain now.

I went for a $400 fit (yikes) and it helped a little. My seat was pushed forwards, about 5 mm down, and a lot more reach with still more needed per the fitter (I never liked this frame!!). My sit bones are at least on the saddle now and even though it feels a touch low, I do feel more planted on the bike. Part of the challenge for me? it takes about 150 miles for a real butt test and I do not DO long rides too much anymore although I did a full series this year and a couple extra brevets. I might try an old bike that has a Specialize CGR suspension seat post, my old B17, bigger tires, and it is made from magnesium (absorbs vibration well). Ultimately for me, I probably need to keep searching for a saddle but some sort of suspension for the back end is needed, maybe a Trek frame that has movement in the seat tube. I can't do the Specialized Roubaix because they are very short in reach and I need around 410 mm reach. I am also going to see if some PT or Chiro work could straighten my ass out.

I know this is N =1 but have a look to the attached video.

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