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bjkeen 05-29-07 08:32 PM

Awesome leg. How many gear inches on the bike?

USAZorro 05-29-07 09:18 PM

Double century on a 1977 Raleigh Super Course many moons ago. Have ridden centuries the past two years on a 70's Fuji Finest, and a 1986 Miyata 210. The weather was much more a factor than the bikes. I recently put a leather Fujita saddle on the Miyata and it's a completely different bike. I think I could ride it forever now. I've still got my eye open for a bike that's better suited to randonneuring.

M_S 05-29-07 10:30 PM


Originally Posted by Hocam
Wow pegleg, that's friggin awesome. I'm not sure if I could do a sub 7 hour century and I still have my leg.

When are you getting a flame painted bike to match your pirate leg?

Single speed too. I have no idea how a prosthetic would make a difference in cycling, as, uh, I've never had one, but my hat goes off to anyone who does a century in one gear, and that's a pretty good time to boot.

Dare I ask if it was hilly? I see you are in Maine :eek: .

Bentley6 05-30-07 06:30 AM

First Century!
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I finally have a bike I can add to this post. I rode my first Century this past Memorial Day. Here's a pic of my '88 Schwinn Tempo Schwinilli right after I got back home from the ride. It was a great ride with many more, I hope, to come.

brooklyn 05-30-07 10:17 PM

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i did my first century on my 30th birtday. I added a handlebar mounted water bottle cage and carried camelback mule. i ran a 49x16 gearing for the ride

splytz1 05-31-07 04:44 PM


Fellow Brooklynite, what was your route?

pegleg 05-31-07 06:08 PM


How many gear inches on the bike?
Still got the stock 42X17, with 165mm cranks. On the flats and going down hill it isn't enough. Going uphill for more than a bike length and it sends me anaerobic.


I have no idea how a prosthetic would make a difference in cycling
Not a whole lot. To be perfectly honest, the biggest problem is hygiene issues.
The three numbers on my top tube are the years Jim Penseyres finished solo RAAM. So I figure anything shorter than that is no big deal. And I think the real trick is riding without a prosthetic.


Dare I ask if it was hilly? I see you are in Maine:eek:
Not too bad the middle half (it was an out and back route) had some rollers. I did an online map check when I got in, and it showed a little less than 3K of total climbing.

brooklyn 05-31-07 10:05 PM


Originally Posted by splytz1

Fellow Brooklynite, what was your route?

basic route started in sheepshead bay to the verezano bike path up 5th ave to the manhattan bridge. once we got into the city up the westside of central park over the GWB to nyack. same route back with some modifications gave us 100 miles.

Red Rider 05-31-07 10:23 PM

My Specialized Dolce Comp -- took me through 5 centuries and 2500K miles last year, my first full year of cycling. So far this year I've racked nearly 900 mi. on it. (I have 4 centuries and numerous shorter rides on our tandem.)

Next year, brevets!

Nycycle 06-13-07 09:37 PM

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125 on this Hardrock, my only century plus ride,,,I do wants a road bike......

IronMac 06-14-07 07:24 AM

Done all six of mine (probably more but let's just say last year) on my Trek 790 hybrid. :)

neilfein 06-14-07 08:34 AM

Did a metric century last weekend on my MTB:

ontheroadid 06-14-07 12:28 PM

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Rode my first century on Saturday, June 9. Love the bike, hate the wind.

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Morgal-Bismark Manx.

zowie 06-15-07 11:45 AM


Originally Posted by pegleg
And I think the real trick is riding without a prosthetic.

I've seen that guy a couple times on the street. I was floored. And in a way uplifted. There was an amputation in my family not that long ago and the victim just spiralled down afterwards. I think I could pick up and go on after losing a leg if I could still ride even if it was with half the skill and speed of that guy. Sorry for the thread crap.

Miles2go 06-22-07 11:35 PM

Here's a shot of me starting on the front row of a century that I did a while back. You can just see my celeste machine.

And my current century bike:

Eddy Merckx - Team Kelme TSX - With Eddy's legendary "century" geometry.

scott L R 06-23-07 09:18 PM

My century ride
I own a 200 Kona Fire Mountian. It is my do-all ride. Loaded tour to D.C., 5 centuries, 7 MS rides. We have been through a lot. 13000+ miles.Getting a new ride next year. I tried to upload a pic, but it was to big.

Black Shuck 06-24-07 11:28 AM

Did the first century on it yesterday, so here goes

chipcom 06-24-07 11:33 AM

Either of these two, d'pending on the weather and if I need to haul stuff. The Bianchi is obviously my fav. :)

bmike 06-24-07 01:39 PM

Updated pic of mine...
Love the new bag.
I think with my h-bar bag I could CC tour with it!

bmike 06-24-07 01:39 PM


Originally Posted by chipcom
Either of these two, d'pending on the weather and if I need to haul stuff. The Bianchi is obviously my fav. :)


biffstephens 06-24-07 01:48 PM

I have done 9 since April 1st this year....7 of them on this bike.

markw 06-24-07 04:45 PM

Here's my new carbon Century Bike/Time Trial/Brevet/Commuter bike.

barndoor 06-24-07 07:45 PM


Originally Posted by Zonker

No centuries yet, as it is brand new! Waterford RST-22, made to measure. Now, assuming I will have more comfort, am thinking of trying some brevets, as well. A century was all I could take before on my titanium, race oriented bike.

This is an absolutely beautiful of my "dream bikes" day I'll have a specially built for ME Waterford RST-22...or an R-14 series....probably a little bigger than this one....around a 66-68cm BRG.

Carbonfiberboy 07-05-07 05:50 PM

My rando bike, ready for a 15 hour 400k. I only needed lights for the first hour. It was dry, so I didn't put on fenders. You can just see the cue sheet holder between the aerobar armrests. Great bike for the purpose.

ncherry 07-06-07 05:21 PM

Interesting bikes! Wish I had pictures of my bikes (maybe later).

I probably could ride anything on a century as long as it has a Brooks saddle. This year I've ridden all three of my bikes. The first is my 1999 Mongoose Ti RX100 (2 Centuries), the bottom bracket broke and I switched to my 1991 Trek 1100 (3 Centuries). I broke that bottom bracket and purchased a 2006 Giant TCR Composite 2 (CF). I broke that in with 3 Centuries, 1 double metric and a double Century in 29 days (total 1090 miles for those 29 days). I now have 6 Centuries, 1 double century, 1 double metric and a hilly metric. I'll lead another century tomorrow (90F tomorrow in the flats of the Barrens of NJ).

I'm currently torn between the Ti bike for it's handling and the CF for it's sheer comfort. The CF is too quick in the handling department. All my bikes have a Brooks down with a severe nose down attitude.

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