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rmware 06-10-07 11:48 AM

The most comfortable Saddle by far!
I have recently completed Lands End to John O'Groats, i spent 80 on a Brooks saddle thinking it would help with comfort and avoid numbness in a sensitive area. But after the five days i spent cycling i was in agony.
Since i have been testing a few saddles. Many expensive do help in comfort. But i came across a rido saddle on another forum. Dont base your opinion on looks. But i swear that this cycle solves all sensitive problems. I have tested it on a 150 mile round trip around the dales, and although it took 20 minutes to get use to. It is by far the best. With a price tag of 14, it's worth a try.

Portis 06-10-07 01:13 PM

Spamo was his namo.

AverageCommuter 06-11-07 07:41 PM

Originally Posted by Portis
Spamo was his namo.

I'm shocked at your cynicism. :D


Hocam 06-11-07 09:06 PM

Seriously, can a mod delete this little extra advertisement? I don't think he paid BF for it.

bmike 06-12-07 04:58 AM

Its kind of funny...

You'd think they'd try and make it read like a real post... or maybe even start planting that stuff in other threads... rather than trying to make an 'innocent' looking post.

Eventually there will be courses in 'viral' marketing that these folks could take.

Six jours 06-12-07 09:46 AM

Man, do I feel stupid. I bought three before reading the rest of the thread.:rolleyes: :D

powerglide 06-18-07 10:27 PM

how blantantly lame!

bikegummo 07-01-07 10:01 AM

Okay, I know this sounds like I'm somehow part of some kind of conspiracy, but I actually bought one of these Rido seats. I received it about 10 days ago, and I've put it through it's paces. The thing actually works. I have some prostate issues (mildly enlarged though I'm just under 40). Anyhow, my urologist suggested I stop riding or figure out a new seat. Got this one, and presto, it's better. It does take some getting used to (it's got a bit of grip to it, but nothing horrible).

Anyhow, wanted to post this, whether the above was complete bollocks or not. If you're having discomfort, it's worth a look. Honestly.

And yes, I'm legit, and I've posted before.

M_S 07-01-07 11:46 AM

You posted this thread on the tenth of June.

It is now the first of July, yet you say that you received the saddle ten days ago.


Did you have some kind of premonition when making this thread that this saddle would be "teh almighty comfertable one?"


bikegummo 07-01-07 12:31 PM

I actually didn't post the first message, M_S, so I didn't post it on the 10th of June. Read the names (I'm bikegummo) and you'll see what I mean. Man, you're pretty hostile. My story is I just happened to see this stupid post, and subsequently added my two cents (the guy at the top DID sound a bit like a spammer jerk, but I didn't want the subject--the saddle--to get lost because some sales-rep idiot posted something).

My "I know this sounds like I'm part of a conspiracy" was meant to separate my post from the original (didn't work, obviously). I was pleased with the saddle, and figured I'd post my thoughts on it, since there seemed to be a lot of talk about some of the noseless saddles, as well as the Rido, the Brooks, and some of the Specialized saddles. I figured I'd go with the cheapest first and see what happened. And that's what I did.

So yeah, I did get my saddle about 10 days ago. Your apology is accepted. Go for a ride and lose some of that anger.

M_S 07-03-07 09:43 PM

My apologies about the name confusion.

DMF 07-04-07 10:39 AM

It looks like it would be most effective in a more upright position. Do you lean forward much while riding?

bikegummo 07-04-07 08:05 PM

Thanks, M_S--I appreciate it. No hard feelings.

DMF, it's strange, but your "stuff" kind of sits in the space between and in front of the sit-bone humps, no matter how you ride. I'm finding when you're in an aggressive position, you aren't putting all of your weight on your stuff, and if you're upright, you really have the same result. It's the same principle as the Specialized Body Geometry, but it's just a lot more pronounced. I can really tell that I'm not putting ANY pressure anyplace I shouldn't, because my sit bones REALLY felt sore during the first three 30-mile rides (which was fine), and got no numbness or tenderness at all...

My urologist (who cycles) told me to go noseless, but I couldn't bear it until I'd exhausted some other options. He told me to test my saddle by sit on it, and extending my legs away from the bike (so all my weight is only on the saddle) to see if my stuff was bearing any pressure. It doesn't seem to do that with the Rido (I'm sure it definitely wouldn't with noseless either).

Anyhow, it works for me, and I'm really glad I got it. And once again, I have NOTHING to do with the original poster here, and I have NO relationship with Rido :)

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