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Hocam 09-01-07 11:29 AM

PBP ride report and picture list
I know I'm not the only one that enjoys reading ride reports and looking at pictures of people on the 2007 PBP, so let's get a thread for all the ride reports and pictures we can find.

Here's one from my randonnuering club that starts out as a live journal with a long post at the end:

ronsmithjunior 09-04-07 08:41 AM

Good thread. Here are a few:

To consolidate from the other thread:

Plus a link to pics of the Seattle guys:

Recoverydoc 09-05-07 08:42 AM

It was wet and windy wit lots of DNF

Hardest thing I have ever done

ronsmithjunior 09-05-07 09:02 AM

Here is a fixed gear report:

rustycool7 09-05-07 09:22 AM

Here are some good reports:

ronsmithjunior 09-06-07 09:07 AM

What is better than a written report? Video:

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