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bikenh 02-29-12 02:44 PM

Guess I'll be the first to ring in for February.

1544.17 miles

Granted I have to get home in this snow first. But I'm heading straight home so I know it won't be any more miles than I have listed. Gee, and I was worried about making 1500 miles again this month. Did it in 28 days and if I would have put forth any extra effort, 2.75 miles, I would have hit 1500 miles yesterday. I hope the nice 7 month streak continues through March. Looks right now like the start of March may end up being a bit wet...snow tomorrow and rain on Saturday with plenty of rain forecast for the 6-14.

bhc 02-29-12 03:30 PM

My dad called me today with his February total - 1559 miles. He bought a recumbent this month, so even more incentive to be out there riding.

serhiypopoff 02-29-12 10:34 PM

February 2012 - 2107,39 km or 1309,47 mi
The lowest temperature was -22 (aprox.-7F?) while I start at half past 5 early morning at 02 Feb. 2012
Feel free there

MNBikeCommuter 03-02-12 09:27 AM

Nov 1232
Dec 845
Jan 828
Feb 1120

Yeah, this dates back to last year, but it's been an incredible winter in Minnesota. A year ago I had about 110 miles for Jan-Feb. If the hours spent in Dec and Jan pushing a hybrid with studded tires through winter crud had been on the road bike, those miles would have probably topped 1k. :-)

bikenh 03-31-12 05:04 PM

Guess I'll be the first to ring in for March. Gee, second month in a row now.


Fortunately I only pulled off 155 miles today versus the 203 I was planning. I don't think I could of handle see 1800 miles in the month of March.

Is this why they call it March Madness?

StephenH 04-01-12 12:26 PM

Missed it in February, but got 1142 or so in March. April looks promising.

MNBikeCommuter 04-03-12 11:27 AM

A record setting warm March came in at 1210, a new record for me by about 300 miles.

serhiypopoff 04-04-12 03:08 AM

March - 1327,4 mi or 2136,25 km done
Including 1 st place in cross-country XC mtb race, amathours
also 1st place in 10 km ITT road race, all categories winner
Some pictures from races there are;in=31

serhiypopoff 05-11-12 09:22 PM

April - 2158,41 km or 1341,17 mi
video Popov S MTB cycling Dubki 2012_04_03.AVI
video Popov S road cycling Vyshka 2012_04_11.AVI

drmweaver2 05-12-12 07:37 PM

1181 miles over 11 rides thus far in May. More to come.

serhiypopoff 06-01-12 10:10 PM

May - 2159,42 km or 1341,8 mi
My road cycling videos: Carpathian mountains and Olympic run in Uzhhorod

serhiypopoff 06-01-12 10:15 PM

May - 2159,42 km or 1341,8 mi
My road cycling videos: Carpathian mountains and Olympic run in Uzhhorod

bikenh 06-03-12 06:21 AM

Just noticed I hadn't posted in April and hadn't posted yet for May.

April ended with 1517.85 miles

May...well May went bezerk. I thought I couldn't handle the thought of averaging 60 miles a day for a month. OOPS!!! Guess I was wrong.

May ended with 2126.86 miles

Fortunately right now it looks like June is going to make up for March/April in terms of rainfall. Rained all day yesterday and I'm supposed to have afternoon showers pretty much everyday this week. Not normal for June. Maybe that will help to temper down the mileage. If I'm lucky.

turtletwins2002 06-30-12 08:56 PM

1181.11 miles in June.

bikenh 07-01-12 04:51 PM

Had no intention of doing another 2000 mile month but it happened anyways.

2139.82 miles for June.

Hopefully will get the 12th consecutive month with at least 1500 miles come July. It's going to be tough. Looks like I'll be off the bike for the first time the entire second half of the month. I haven't had more than one day in a row off the bike since mid May 2011. I've only had 17 days off the bike since mid May 2011.

robbyrocks12345 07-01-12 06:23 PM

I' am in, 1000 Miles in July, here I come...

drmweaver2 07-01-12 07:18 PM

1317 miles through Jun 15th.
Less than 200 since the "self-challenge" was abruptly ended June 15th; not "counting" them. I even took the cyclometer and GPS off the bike.

StephenH 07-01-12 07:44 PM

I got in 1200 for June, missed May and February.

jeffpoulin 07-19-12 07:10 AM

1080 miles in March, 1228 in May, and 1094 in June. On pace to break 1000 again this month.

bikenh 07-24-12 09:24 PM

Yeah, I know the month isn't over but I know I won't be on the bike the rest of the month either. I got my miles in early and I'm finally taking some decent time off the bike. I've only had 17 days off the bike since May 21, 2011. I've only had 6 days off the bike, one a month, so far this year, through July 17th. Haven't been on the bike since then. I ended July with 2032.49 miles. Only 5 of the first 17 days in July were under 100 miles. Gee, this makes my 12 consecutive month of over 1500 miles and my third consecutive month over 2000 miles.

Since August 1, 2011 I've ridden 20676.88 miles and since January 1, 2012 I've ridden 12716.03 miles. I never thought I would see myself ride this kind of mileage.

StephenH 07-24-12 09:42 PM

Got 1,000 for July as of Saturday.

mwchandler21 07-31-12 03:51 PM

Got 1073.18 for July. First 1000 mile month. Previous personal monthly mileage record was 906 last July.

serhiypopoff 07-31-12 10:54 PM

July - 1445,83 miles done :)

Ace X 08-20-12 09:27 PM

I'm in, I already have 180 to 200 miles in the past 5 days.

eja_ bottecchia 08-26-12 09:03 PM

I just hit the 1004 miles mark for the month of August--still have 5 more days of riding left. :)

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