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StephenH 08-27-12 07:26 PM

August- check.

serhiypopoff 08-30-12 11:34 PM

August - 2646,78 км or 1644,63 mi on roads done

turtletwins2002 08-31-12 12:26 AM

1001.61 miles for August.

bikenh 09-01-12 07:12 AM

Well after a heading out for a long bike trip I managed somehow to pull off the 13th consecutive month in a row of over 1500 miles and the 4th consecutive month of over 2000 miles.

2004.97 miles in 26 days of biking. The strange thing about this is there was 9 days I didn't even ride 30 miles. Granted there was 12 days I rode over 100 miles. The highest day was 172 miles.

Not bad considering all the heat I had to deal with around the midwest while on the trip.

seedsbelize 09-08-12 06:51 PM

August 1005.8

serhiypopoff 09-30-12 10:25 PM

1386,68 mi - September

bikenh 10-01-12 08:45 AM

1581.12 miles for September.

September is over and finally the first time in 5 months I haven't ridden 2000 miles. I have managed to keep the 1500 mile streak alive for the 14th consecutive month. I'll have to see how this month goes. Kinda would like to see if I could keep the streak alive for an entire calendar year while at the same time I wouldn't mind getting 20,000 miles for the year, already over 16,300 for the year. Don't know how long the ambition is going to keep me alive considering everything else I have going on as well. Time shall tell.

devianb 10-31-12 11:53 PM

Works out to about 33 miles per day, sounds quite reasonable to me. A little too much rain, wind, and cold to try that now, maybe Spring time.

bikenh 11-01-12 02:32 PM

1552.56 miles for October. That make 15 consecutive months I've ridden at least 1500 miles. It left less than 200 miles shy of 18,000 miles for the year so far. Hoping for 20-21,000 and hoping to join the 200 mile high club, yes cliimb 200 miles(1,056,000 feet) for the year...already have 941,236 feet underneath me.

serhiypopoff 11-06-12 12:47 AM

October, Golden Rides there are some videos from our Carpathian's roads - in total 2129,06 km or 1322,94 mi done
video Popov S road cycling Dubrinich-Chernoholova 2012_10_22-1.MOV
video Popov S road cycling Dubrinich-Chernoholova 2012_10_22-2.MOV

bikenh 12-02-12 03:04 PM

1844.639 miles for November. Marks my 5th biggest month of the year. Also marks the 16th consecutive month over 1500 miles. Also marks the 17th consecutive month of grabbing a double metric century and the 20th consecutive month I've ridden at least one century.

StephenH 12-02-12 08:09 PM

Got my 1,000 for November.

serhiypopoff 12-06-12 11:45 PM

Is still golden Autumn here, but some last days was some snow :)
November 2037,7 km or 1266,17 mi

lhbernhardt 12-28-12 05:49 PM

Crossed over 20,000 km on the odo of the fixed gear bike on Christmas day, so that makes 12,000 miles for the year on my main bike alone.

Going back over the training diary, if I normalize the distances for the days of the month (I normally track months by what I've ridden week by week, Sunday thru Saturday, so the months don't usually line up), I've got at least 1,600 km for each month (also adding in kilometers put in on the track bike and the tandem). The track bike distances are not insignificant, as the track is indoors (Burnaby Velodrome) and is where I put in a lot of winter mileage!

Hope I can maintain the distances for 2013. This past year had a mild winter - little or no snow on the streets. However, since I'll be focusing on Furnace Creek in the coming year, the ramping up will start after any snow has disappeared. Nice to put in a solid base, though.


bikenh 01-01-13 03:25 PM

December is done and so is the 18 consecutive month over 1500 miles. Ended up with 1524 miles for December. That brings my total for the year to 21223.32 miles. I'm blown away by it. Who knows what 2013 will bring. I learnt a long time ago to expect anything.

serhiypopoff 01-05-13 06:12 AM

Грудень- Декабрь-December - 2012 - 2055,32 км

- 1277,12 mi
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