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Machka 02-11-12 06:52 PM

February Century Photos
Photos of Saturday's ride (marked 11 Feb):

The tandem ... during a brief sunny spell ...

From the top of one of the many hills ...

Mr 53x11 02-11-12 09:57 PM

Another 200k. The wind and cold were rough.

Final shot:

Temperature shot:

k7baixo 02-18-12 09:49 PM

Second century of Feb part of the Gila River Vally 200k brevet. Up next, a 400k brevet in March.

bikenh 02-27-12 05:05 PM

Let's see here do any of these rides count?

February 2nd: 130.92 miles
February 7th: 134.34 miles
February 16th: 136.57 miles
February 23th: 103.37 miles(recovering all week from a bout of stomach flu Saturday night/Sunday morning, slept all day Sunday, only the second day I haven't ridden since the start of winter)
February 27th: 131.09 miles(by the time I get home from getting online at the library)

Yep, now I'm up to 32 consecutive weeks with at least one 100 mile day for the given week. Winter is almost over even though I may get close to a foot of snow Wednesday night. I think I may very well make 52 consecutive weeks unless the darn bike gives me fits or I get injured.

DXchulo 03-03-12 03:24 AM

Good stuff, bikenh. I'm trying to do one per week this year, too. So far I'm on track.

I did the sunrise last time, so here's the sunset (from Feb 5th):

January's weather was warm and dry. February was colder than January and we finally got some snow. I plan on doing my first double in mid-April, so I'll start training for that in the middle of March, which I'm looking forward to. I've always felt like February is the worst month for riding. I'm usually tired of winter by then, but spring still seems far away.

bikenh 03-04-12 12:32 PM

I'm hoping for my first double by the first day of spring. I'm hoping I can get a nice warm day the week leading into spring(forecast is calling for it right now) where I might be able to ramp up the speed rather nicely(more toward speeds of last summer/fall versus wintertime speeds) and get the double in all during daylight. I know I should be able to do one in mid April, all daylight, so I would like to try to be disciplined enough on any water bottle fillups/bathroom breaks to try to pull one off before the first day of spring.

I'm not sure if I'll get the chance anymore thanks to frame trouble I just discovered yesterday. I'm definitely getting a new frame, not much of an option. It should be warrantied out. I'm thinking the frame may not have been built right given the trouble I've been having the past couple of years now. Everything finally is making plenty of sense.

Mr 53x11 03-05-12 06:55 AM

I'm not quite doing 1 a week. More like a longer one and an shorter one per month. I got in a 300k this past Saturday.

Jan 7. 131 miles
Jan 22. 102 miles
Feb 11. 131 miles
Feb 26. 101 miles
March 3. 188 miles

RayfromTX 03-07-12 03:31 PM

2 in jan.
1 in feb.
1 so far in march
1 a week? holy carp!

The Octopus 03-11-12 06:54 AM


Ride: Central Florida 400K (251.7 miles)
Time: 15:51
Saddle Time ?
Bike: IRO Jamie Roy (fixed, 48x16)
Wx: 60s-70s, cloudy, occasional sprinkles, and strong E wind shifting around to NE late in the day. Wind was sustained 20mph, with stronger gusts.

I wanted to be under 15h on this and missed the mark due to too much wind and too much gear (and to time-trialing the last 100 miles).

April's ride will be the fleche.

k7baixo 03-11-12 01:22 PM


Ride: Around the Bend 400k
Time: 19:50
Saddle Time: Around 16.5 or so
Bike: Bacchetta CA 2.0, SON-dyno hub/Velocity front, Velocity rear
Wx: 50 to 80F, winds from the east/southeast, stongest on the west leg, speeds then ranged from 25-30 mph for 10-12

This was my first 400 and the most I've ridden in three decades (double centuries in the early 80's) and the longest ride ever. Our goal was to be under 20-hrs and we beat that by 10-minutes

April's ride will be the 600k from Casa Grande with the turnaround being Tombstone.

Machka 03-12-12 07:42 AM

Labour Day Long Weekend - March 9 - 12
Saturday - You Would Have to be Crazy 200K

The "You Would Have to be Crazy" Randonneuring event is a collection of randonneuring events of different lengths. Riders can choose from the 200K, 300K, 400K, or 600K starting on the Saturday, and then do a 100K or 200K on Sunday if they want.

We debated about a longer event, but opted to go for the 200K. We rode the 200K two years ago on singles, but this time we decided to do it on our tandem. If I could make it on our singles when I was still recovering from DVT, I figured we could handle it on our tandem now!

I had 3 goals with this ride: 1) Ride my age to celebrate my birthday. 2) Ride a century for March in the Century-a-Month challenge (to make a century in each month for the past 18 months). 3) Ride the 200K to get our 3rd randonneuring event this year.

This 200K event is sneaky. The first 100K are quite easy because the general lay of the land is downhill to a city 100 km away. Then we turn around and climb back up. To add to the challenge, we also had a tailwind on the way out, and headwind on the way back.

We covered the first 100K in 4.5 hours ... we were cruising! But we finished the event in 10:50 ... we were not cruising on the way back!! It was definitely a bit of a slog on the way back.

There was a decent group of cyclists doing the events so we had cyclists within sight for some of the event, and encountered them again at the turn-around point and at the end. This event is also lightly supported, and we were provided with a large bowl of pasta at the end as well as several other food choices. That pasta hit the spot!

At the turn-around point something rather unexpected happened ... an old Rolls Royce vehicle pulled up! It had been a bus in its early years and had been converted to an Egg Merchant delivery vehicle in 1952. (Yes, we have photos)

The area is quite scenic ... rolling hills, forests, pasture lands. And the weather was beautiful. When we did this event 2 years ago, it poured rain until just before we started, it was so socked in with fog that we couldn't see any of the scenery at all, and then we were followed back by a storm which nailed us with a bit of rain and some of the other riders with hail. This year we had blue skies and sunshine. The temperature started cool, and warmed up to about 21C in the middle of the day.

Right toward the end of the ride the temperature dropped (the low that night was 8C) and the combination of the headwind and drop in temperature left us feeling a little chilled. Good thing we had a lovely room with a heater and hot shower!!

chipg5 03-13-12 05:57 PM

March done, 102.55 miles. Pretty warm day, 53-66F, some rain, got soaked about 30 miles in but then it cleared up so I was dry quickly, though the bike and my back were caked in dried mud. Felt okay, some parts of the route hillier than I thought - this was my first time riding this century route - Ithaca out to Cortland, Rt 13 to past Sheds, then Rt 80, the hilly part, to Tully then to Song Mountain Rd, 281, 13 and 366 back in. Beautiful day overall.

DXchulo 03-22-12 03:08 PM

I've been to Death Valley a few times but always without my bike. I made up for that a little bit last week.
There's the basic route. There's so much to choose from, so a lot of good stuff ended up getting left out.
100 feet below sea level.
As I got closer to sea level the mesquite was flowering.

k7baixo 03-25-12 03:27 PM

Another March 100+ - the Owl Head Buttes 200k. Next up is our 600-km brevet in mid-April.

bikenh 03-31-12 05:02 PM

Let's see here do any of these rides count?

March 07: 105.63
March 11: 132.77
March 18: 95.17(okay so this doesn't count but it shows the stupidty considering what I did on the 19th)
March 19: 202.35
March 22: 111.30
March 23: 101.43
March 31: 155.47

Gee and I'm only riding for the sure heck of it. No brevets or rando for me and definitely no ultra racing for me.

I have too much time on my hands. LOL:)

When the line was forming for everyone to receive sanity, I left for another 100 miler. OH!!! so that's my problem.

36 weeks in a row thus far of having did at least one 100 mile day per week. With winter over I'm beginning to think I may actually pull of the 52 consecutive weeks. Granted many more months like this one, 1789.16 miles, and I'll probably drop over dead from exhaustion...or at least wish I had.

Machka 04-01-12 07:16 AM

April Century
Sunday 1 April -- April Century Complete! 100 miles on our tandem.

Late last night, we were forced to set our clocks back. We were forced to let go of daylight savings time. Darkness now falls way too early.

Early this morning, Rowan got up and went to work. He works every other weekend.

Later this morning, when Rowan returned from work, we loaded up the van and drove across the range to the flatlands, specifically, to Euroa. At 10:23 am, we set off on the century!

The first leg was just over 50 km to Benalla. That's a nice route that uses a service road beside the main highway, and the wide shoulder of the main highway in places. We had a bit of a tailwind and made good time. We stopped at the McDonalds in Benalla to get a bite to eat (and to answer questions about the tandem by a number of curious children).

The next leg was about 60 km to Shepparton. The road was fairly decent, with an adequate shoulder, but it was quite busy. We also had a bit of a head/crosswind all the way. We still made decent time, but it was more difficult than the first leg of the ride.

Along that leg of the journey, we were "awakened" from a steady and comfortable rhythm when we hit a bump that actually lifted the front wheel off the ground! Rowan was able to keep control of the bicycle and we continued on.

Feeling a bit tired, we stopped at a shopping centre and picked up a bottle of water, a coke, 2 little cheesecakes, and a bag of potato chips. Yum!

It would have been nice to have a tailwind back to Euroa, but things like that don't always happen. We had a head/crosswind all the way back to Euroa. Fortunately it wasn't too strong, and although our pace dropped off a little bit, we were still able to roll into our finish area at 7 hours 54 minutes.

The temperature started at about 15C and rose to about 25C, then dropped a bit at the end of the ride. All good. The sun also shone all day. There was hardly a cloud in the sky. It had just set when we finished the ride, so fortunately, we were able to do the whole ride in daylight.

The route was almost entirely flat, but there were two small hills to keep things interesting. And we could see hills for most of the route ... hills, and trees, and fields, and sheep, and cattle, and horses. The non-native trees are turning colour, which made parts of the route quite pretty.

Autumn foliage

Where we started/finished

Between Benalla and Shepparton

aboatguy 04-03-12 12:19 AM

March century was done late need to hit Aprils early..........

134 mile ride....basically did parimeter coastal ride of the east side of oahu ( route of original Iron man but in a counterclockwise direction and starting at Ewa Beach vice down town.......

aboatguy 04-06-12 11:15 PM

OK Aprils is done.... I went to work for a little bit and took the long way home.... should count as commuting mileage too. Most of the ride was windy and wet....

Almost same route

chipg5 04-14-12 02:38 PM

April century done, mostly sunny day, temp between 40 and 70 F, mostly in 60s. 102.04 miles, 3000 ft climbing, nice route out to Spencer, down to Waverly, 17c to Owego and pizza lunch then N on 38 to Freeville and back in along Fall Creek. Felt pretty good overall except last 15 miles felt a bit nauseous. 16.1mph avg.

Mr 53x11 04-16-12 06:09 AM

This months 200k was done Saturday.

125 miles
7381 feet of climbing
6 hours 26 minutes ride time, 7:23 total.
19.3 mph hour average moving pace.
That was a rough one.

We actually rode out to meet up with a century that was going on. The group hardly stopped, most of the reason for the time gap between the moving time and total was due to the gap between the ride out and the start of the century.
It was a blast.

DXchulo 04-23-12 05:09 PM

I did the Mulholland Double on 4/14.

210 miles
~17,500 feet
14:32 official time (13:51 bike time)

This was my first time riding in Southern California and although the weather wasn't as perfect as I might have expected, the riding sure was.
One of the first climbs of the day.
One of the many nice roads along the way.
Pacific Ocean

bikenh 04-30-12 07:03 AM

Let's see here do any of these rides count?

April 7th: 130.85 miles
April 8th: 101.30 miles
April 16th: 205.72 miles
April 26th: 155.86 miles

Yep, now I'm up to 40 consecutive weeks with at least one 100 mile day for the given week. It would awful nice if the weather started acting normal but then again I've already ridden 6400+ miles so far this year and April marks the 9 consecutive months that I've ridden at least 1500 miles in the month. For one of my main crazed goals I have quite a few 150+ milers coming up in the next one to two months plus probably even several more double centuries so I have a strange feeling other than ending up getting hurt or something like that I should end up with 52 consecutive weeks with at least one 100 mile day per week. I still can't believe I have managed to pull off this crazy feat and I'm still pushing myself on further. I'm maniac. LOL:)...or is that insane. LMAO:)

k7baixo 05-02-12 03:46 PM

April's century is done although it was part of another brevet - ended up with 325 miles in two days also. Didn't make my goal but I did ride well over 100 miles - the 24 hour total was about 225 miles and yes, we got lost at one point which is why we were ultimately late to a Sunday control.

chipg5 05-26-12 03:09 PM

May's done, 107.7 miles, 6000 ft climbing; beautiful back roads route from Lansing up to Auburn, then to Skaneateles where I had lunch by the lake; onward to Otisco Lake, along the lake down to Preble, then to Homer, onto Route 90 with its huge rollers, to Locke, then in via Creek Rd, Van Ostrand, Warren. Beautiful day, nice climbs.

bikenh 06-01-12 02:14 PM

Well to put it simply this challenge got to be a little too easy. Doing a 100 mile ride each week was getting a bit boring so I decided to spice it up a bit for the month of May. As you can see by my previous post at the end of April ever since April 16th I've did nothing but double metric centuries. Well for all but the first week in May I decided to spice it up some more.

May 2nd: 177.46 miles I did this ride and then rode on into the library afterwards. 10:36 on bike and 11:48 total time 9752 feet of climbing
May 7th: 211.15 miles 11:37 on bike and 13:23 total time 9937 feet of climbing
May 13th: 203.00 miles 11:35 on bike and 12:55 total time 12890 feet of climbing
May 21st: 227.58 miles 13:21 on bike and 15:02 total time 11287 feet of climbing
May 27th: 224.38 miles 12:35 on bike and 14:16 total time 10463 feet of climbing

Starting with the May 21st ride I actually started riding with a cyclecomputer for the first time in eons. I have previously just been using the mileage that showed when I put the route into Topo USA v1.0. It was always on the low side which didn't bother me any quite frankly. The mileage listed between what I show...what the cyclecomputer was showing at the end of the ride, and what ridewithgps shows is simply because of some extra miscellaneous stops that are rather difficult to put into ridewithgps when you are manually drawing the route on the map.

Actually I do have over 100 miles already so far today. I was going to do another 210(by ridewithgps) today but I decided to bail on the idea when the body, at the beginning of the ride said don't do this...I listened. Between the average speed being quite low at the first stop and the left knee pain being ever so slightly present I decided to be a smart and not do another high mileage day until next week. Hold it did I just say 110 ride isn't high mileage. I've lost it...I need to be committed. LOL:)

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