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aboatguy 06-30-12 07:00 PM

I had shoulder surgury in May however, here's Junes. I picked a hilly route (its all relative its a small island)
I Have some buddies that are up for a double in a couple of weeks/

Basically Ewa to Kole Kole pass, down snake road to Kaena PT to Pu'u Mahuka Heiau back up to Kole Kole and home to the beach

Kole Kole

End of road Kaena PT Mokuleia

I was at sea level less than a mile earlier

bikenh 07-01-12 04:48 PM

Well June didn't see too much in the way of 200 milers like May did but I finally started to get myself ready for what looks to be a BIG month of doing 100+ milers in July. It appears I'll be making a trip, without the bike to central TX come mid July and be down there for a full week and then another 3-4 days each way for driving down. I have been riding 1500 miles a month minimum for the past 11 months now(Aug-June) and I want to the 12 consecutive months so to get it I'm going to have to ride the 1500 miles in the first 15 days of July. I didn't realize this trip might even happen until the past week or two ago when I got asked if I would interested in the free trip. I've started getting a bit ascertive(sp?) in doing 100+ milers back to back.

June 1st: 133.81 miles 7:32/7:02 total/moving time for the main 111.6 miles 6649 feet of clmibing
June 7th: 131.73 miles 7705 feet of climbing, didn't keep track of time
June 8th: 141.42 miles 7639 fet of climbing, didn't keep track of time
June 10th: 108.28 miles climbed Mt Ascutney(3.7 miles/2200+ feet of climbing) in 39:17 before doing a group ride
June 11th: 103.42 miles running errands and group ride
June 14th: 204.75 miles 11:16/9:26 total/moving time for the main 163.5 miles 10035 feet of climbing
June 17th: 130.06 miles nice easy morning ride and a group ride in th PM
June 20th: 164.76 miles 9:17/8:11 total/moving time for main 138.3 miles, almost managed my first solo sub 5 century in New Hampshire, 138.3 miles with 7466 feet of climbing
June 28th: 129.14 miles errand running early and then a fast paced group ride in evening
June 30th: 165.35 miles 7:39 ride time for main 125.32 miles

Currently with today July 1st 100+ miler out of the way I have only 2 more weeks to go and I'll have 52 consecutive weeks that I have ridden at least 1 100 mile day per week. I started the concept figuring it would bee intriguing to do it...figuring it would never happen. Boy has the joke been on me. LOL:) I'm now so darned addicted to $uck$.

chipg5 07-07-12 06:47 AM

Got in three June centuries during my tour from Ithaca down to Norfolk VA:

6/25: 114.85 miles, Ithaca to Cedar Run PA
6/28: 102.95 miles, Bedford PA to Hancock MD, including the last 60 miles on the C&O Canal Towpath
6/30: 113.14 miles, Harpers Ferry WV to Fredericksburg VA, this was the day after the huge storm, started out on towpath but ran into lots of downed trees so after going 6 miles in two hours I got off at Brunswick and continued on the road down to the WODT rail trail into Herndon, then roads down to Fredericksburg.
Sunrise over the Potomac at Harpers Ferry WV

The last two centuries were in high temp days, temps in the low 100s, but I kept well hydrated and felt great at the end of each day.

chipg5 07-14-12 11:22 AM

July century done:
101.33 miles
4417 ft, 15.7mph avg
Out to Spencer, down to Waverly then over to Wellsburg on 427, lunch at Wellsburg Diner, back on 427, Chemung, waverly then Ellis Creek and Halsey Valley, Spencer and in. Rode with buddies Denny and Jim for 40 of these miles including lunch.
Beautiful day, a bit hot but nothing as hot as last couple of century rides!

aboatguy 07-15-12 06:44 PM

Did 205 miles yesterday. Typical gorgeous Hawaiian tradewind weather Here's the link:

Jwink3101 07-16-12 07:50 AM

I was a bit nervous that I wasn't going to make July. I called off my first attempt at mile 50 due to the EXTREME heat. But I got it this weekend. That makes 12 for the year so even if something happens and I cannot make each month, I at least average out to 1/month

unterhausen 07-16-12 09:23 AM

heat makes it tough. I was getting rather overheated by the end of my 200k on Saturday, but at least the legs were in good shape. We were riding along the Delaware, and there were occasional pockets of cooler air, but they were small and far apart. I have a lot of trouble with shorts/chafing in hot weather, not sure what to do about it.

DXchulo 07-23-12 10:09 AM

I haven't updated for a while. May was a big month with both the Central Coast Double and the Borrego Double. The Central Coast Double was a fun trip and I spent 2 days following the Tour of California after the ride was over. Here's my favorite picture from the CCD:

I ended up in 4th place for the CTC Stage Race, which made me happy with the year even though it wasn't even halfway over yet. I took it easy in June, just riding for fun. Here's a picture from one of my rides at the lake:

In July I rode a century in my 16th state, North Dakota. Bismarck is a nice area and a better place to ride than you might expect. If you ever go for a ride there you'll be pleasantly surprised.

bikenh 07-24-12 07:11 PM

Well the end of two major challenges come at the same time. July 27, 2011 I rode 202.35 miles and started a challenge I thought I could probably pull off...riding at least one 100 mile day each week for 52 consecutive weeks. August 1, 2011 I started another challenge. This one I thought was a pathetic joke. There was no way I was going to be able to pull off the challenge. Not in New Hampshire. Impossible. That's what I use to think. That challenge was quite simple, ride 1500 miles a month for 12 consecutive months. Something about riding 1500 miles in December/January/February just didn't sound all that feasible. Admittedly this past winter was unusual. I did enough riding though that I think the idea may very well be feasible to pull it off most any winter. During normal winters it would take a bit more strategic riding than it did this past winter.

Well, both these challenges got a new rude awakening with an email I got from a friend of mine asking me if I would be interested in an all expense paid vacation to central TX come mid to late July. He was wandering if I would be interested in going down to Big Spring, TX to drive retrieve for him and maybe a few of the other New England hang glider pilots at a competition July 22-28. I first counted up the weeks and saw I could finish the 52 consecutive weeks just in the nick of time and if I got lucky I could also pull off the 1500 miles for July just in the nick of time. I said YEAH, I'll go. I knew to pull off the 1500 miles I was going to have to ride 100 miles a day pretty much each day the first 15 days of the month and hope like heck for good weather.

Then I got another email, even more sinister about 4-5 days later. This email came from It was about their upcoming contest that was going to be having in conjunction with the Tour de France. The concept was simple, who could do the most during the tour. Yes, the most miles, climbing, etc. Heck, who could be the first person to ride the same number of miles as the boys over in France. Since I was planning on trying to ride 1500 miles in July and I knew I pretty much wasn't going to be on the bike after the 17th-18th time frame why not jack up the miles a bit more and try to ride the 2172.9 miles June 30-July ??(whatever date I ended up leaving for Texas). I knew I was on the verge of finally given myself some time off the bike since more than likely the bike would be staying in New England while I was driving to/down in Texas. I decided to go for it even though I didn't really expect to make it. I didn't know how good of shape I was in when it came to doing big mile days back to back. I knew I did 5 days in June that were decent miles but I also knew I had to do those same kind of days for close to 20 straight days no matter what. I knew I was done riding 200 milers until after August 1st. I wasn't even going to take the chance to make myself have to stop and recoup from doing too much too soon.

At the end of the stretch I ended up really surprising myself with the final three days. I guess I'm in better shape than I thought. My plan right now, once I get back from Texas is to get a couple of projects done(one for the bike trip, non bike related) and get some bike work taken care of and then head off on a nice long bike trip probably riding close to 200 miles a day for 4+ days each way. I'm using the 90+ degree temps of Texas to help get me heat acclimated since the midwest has been seeing heat/drought conditions this summer. Granted the last three days of the challenge was each in the 90s and I was riding right around 160 miles each day.

All times listed are moving time.
June 30: 165.35 miles, 9480 feet, 10:17:38,
July 01: 112.02 miles, 6739 feet, 6:45:48,
July 02: 149.69 miles, 9113 feet, 9:10:03,
July 03: 50.58 miles, 2788 feet, 3:08:00,
July 04: 145.1 miles, 8161 feet, 8:59:27,
July 05: 85 miles, 5144 feet, 5:03:00,
July 06: 150.22 miles, 8511 feet, 9:19:19,,
July 07: 51.528 miles, 2748 feet, 3:10:51,
July 08: 150.05 miles, 8234 feet, 8:36:51,
July 09: 52.7 miles, 3013 feet, 3:29:13,
July 10: 162.52 miles, 9497 feet, 10:16:53,
July 11: 117.6 miles, 7197 feet, 7:35:51,
July 12: 106.07 miles, 6243 feet, 6:29:44,,...m/trips/774812
July 13: 146.17 miles, 9325 feet, 9:29:18,
July 14: 62.123 miles, 3331 feet, 4:09;14,
July 15: 159.8 miles, 7623 feet, 9:16:13,
July 16: 169.23 miles, 10142 feet, 10:53:33,
July 17: 162.09 miles, 7802 feet, 10:42:31,

Yes, I managed to ride 2197.84 miles during the Tour de France and climbed 125,091 feet. It appears I was the only person in the Tour de France competition to ride the entire distance.

Do any of these days count for the century a month club:)

chipg5 07-29-12 04:09 PM

July #2 done, back roads around Cayuga Lake, 105.3 miles, 4900 ft of climbing, 16.2mph, beautiful sunny day, beautiful roads, nice change from the regular around the lake route (98-31-90-34b-34).

drmweaver2 07-29-12 08:23 PM

Finally got back on the bike after a lost-interest layoff that began with the ending of my self-challenge. Rode 125 miles today - New Orleans - La Place - Ponchatoula and return. On bike time - just short of 9 hours. The layoff probably had something to do with winding up with raw skin where it's no fun (despite stopping to apply some creme at about mile 65). Hydration was the name of the game for the day - nearly 3.5 gallons of water/Gatorade and I still didn't need to "go" at the end of the ride.

wrr1020 08-04-12 03:31 PM

Thought i'd put my name in for August for this challenge. At 111 miles so far for the first four days. Previous highest mileage month was about 550. Not really an endurance rider, more of a fast 40 miler type of rider so this will be a good challenge for me.

aboatguy 08-19-12 10:50 PM

August century done. It was stupid Windy, good news is the rain stopped before we were two hours into the ride

chipg5 08-21-12 07:31 PM

August done, did the Full Pint Century out of Empire Brewery in Syracuse, beautiful route, perfect weather, 104.7 miles, abt 6000 ft climbing, free beers at the end!

libero 08-23-12 08:19 PM

My August Century is done.
Found out the hard way about some poorly designed roads on a course I've ridden many times. Yes, the other day was the first time I've ridden it after a light rain. Actually my buddy was right behind me and we both went down at the same instant on little turns on these lousy roads in a park. Just random since we were 20 meters away from each other and there was no contact. But these roads, made of small rocks, which were always pretty decent on a dry day, really get slick when it's wet and it was a little bit like ice there. We managed to avoid breaking our hips, though I understand this is how it happens (and we have a friend who broke it this way). Just have wheels go out and next thing you know, you're on your hip. Fortunately for me, I fell to the left, my bike was fine, I couldn't even find a scratch yet. My hip had just a little road rash, shorts were intact, but my left arm just below the elbow took the biggest bruising.
That's the only silver lining about a slippery road - less road rash.
That happened very close to the halfway point, my buddy was a little more injured in the hip (bigger bruise), and his bike fell to the right and bent his derailer hanger. We had a bike shop a few miles away so the guy there helped make it more rideable, but my friend bailed there and took a shorter way home.
I finished the latter half of the century solo. With a bloody arm.
I will be much more careful to inspect different roads in the future under different conditions. And also I will try to stay with the tried-and-true of auto road surfaces, asphalt or whatever it's called, which does a lot better even when wet.

Another small observation: Props to the Continental Grand Prix 4000S tire, which had a little more traction in these conditions than the tires my friend had. I made it through the first turn somehow, which is where he went down. I was on the second turn when the 4000s lost grip.

bikenh 09-01-12 12:45 PM

Well this month was going to be different. After trying to get out on the road for over a year now I would final hit the open road for the first real time and go for a nice long road trip on the bike. All but the first day of the trip since I left while camping out each night had me doing over 100 miles. The first day was short only due to not getting started early enough to get through Albany, NY before sunset so I stopped early for the day and waited until the 16th before I continued on into New York.

August 15: 119.65 miles Bennington, VT-Richfield Springs, NY
August 16: 120.38 miles Richfield Springs,NY-Hopewell, NY
August 17: 117.01 miles Hopewell, NY-Irving, NY
August 18: 172.18 miles Irving, NY-Streetsboro,OH
August 19: 119.63 miles Streetsboro, OH-Tiffin, OH
August 25: 103.84 miles Van Wert, OH-Logansport, IN
August 26: 126.98 miles Logansport, IN-Rantoul, IL
August 27: 117.54 miles Rantoul, IL-Auburn, IL
August 28: 132.27 miles Auburn, IL-St. Louis, MO-Highland, IL
August 29: 134.67 miles Highland, IL-Marshall, IL
August 30: 126.60 miles Marshall, IL-Knightstown, IN
August 31: 126.17 miles Knightstown, IN-Van Wert, OH

aboatguy 09-02-12 08:32 PM

I have September's century done early
102.74 MILES

Speed is kind of average (buddy is training for Kona and had to do 90 miles at a HR of 120)


DXchulo 09-04-12 08:57 AM

August was a low mileage month for me overall, but now 2/3rds of the year is over and I'm still on pace for one century per week.

Here's the ride from August 30th, which was 124 miles and ~12,000 feet:

chipg5 09-09-12 09:45 AM

September done, the Highlander out of Bristol Mountain south of Candadaigua; I'd planned to do the QuadsHilla, 100 miles/9000 ft, but weather didn't look good so I did the Corkscrew century, with only 7000 ft of climbing.

Rain started an hour into the ride, pretty hard, then died down to drizzle, then coming up the west side of Keuka Lake, very severe rain, high winds, and the downhill wasn't as fun as it should have been. Overall though good ride, beautiful route, great pulled pork dinner at the end. 104.85 miles, 7300 ft climbing, 14.4mph

DXchulo 09-25-12 10:28 AM

I did my first solo double for September. It was an interesting change of pace from the difficult routes and strong riders I'm used to facing with the California Triple Crown. There's more info on the Century Per Week blog if you're bored.

bikenh 09-30-12 02:48 PM

1 Attachment(s)
September is finished. Not bad. I still had to get home from Ohio before I could call my first ever bike trip complete. Granted I did bail on the last day thanks to the rain that started earlier than I expected it to and the forecast that wasn't looking at all pretty for later in the morning. I was a bit worried about what I might find when I got home so that helped me bail.

September 6: 143.01 miles Van Wert, OH roundtrip up across the Michigan border
September 9: 133.22 miles Van Wert, OH-West Jefferson, OH
September 10: 102.52 miles West Jefferson, OH-Athens, OH
September 11: 117.7 miles Athens, OH-Clarksburg, WV
September 12: 122.48 miles Clarksburg, WV-Cumberland, MD
September 13: 118.51 miles Cumberland, MD-Shippensburg, PA
September 15: 146.3 miles Carlisle, PA-Stroudsburg, PA the day after the stomach flu hit, how stupid
September 16: 100.07 miles Stroudsburg, PA-Kingston, NY
September 17: 107.04 miles Kingston, NY-Bennington, VT

Definitely this bike trip was the most concentrated bit of biking I've ever did. I expected to feel it a bit more on the trip home from Ohio than what I did. Actually it felt fantastic coming home from Ohio. I was surprised the butt/legs weren't sore. Not a thing. If it wouldn't have been for that darn stomach flu that hit on Thursday evening(started to settle in 10:15PM, finally puked my guts out 2:15AM), I would have had 100+ miles everyday from the 9th through the 17th and I would have made it all the way home under my own power instead of bailing in Manchester Center, VT and calling a friend of mine to come rescue me.

chipg5 09-30-12 03:21 PM

September centuries #2 and #3 done:

#2 from Oswego to Sodus Bay then down to Ithaca, the first leg with Michael and Dave, on my Volae Voyager recumbent, loaded with my gear, 101.3 miles, abt 5000 ft climbing, beautiful roads for the first bit, nice the rest of the way with the exception of that area around the Seneca Land Fill and NYS thruway entrance... Rt89 is partly closed, so rode Powell Rd to 96 through Tburg then along Willow Creek and Dubois, cutting back down to 89 on Glenwood Hgts Rd.

#3 yesterday, the Alfred Habitat for Humanity Century ride, out and back from Almond to about 10 miles out from Cuba on the road to Olean, and back. Beautiful route, leaves were changing, roads were nice, weather was great, 102.0 miles, abt 4000 ft of climbing, avg 16mph.

Had planned to possibly do #4 today at the Southern Tier Bike Club Dannecker ride/picnic, given weather and some other issues decided to only do the 47 mile loop.

14 century rides for 2012, on my way to my goal of 18.

chipg5 10-05-12 06:07 PM

October done; 102.2 miles, 2700 ft climbing, 16.1mph. Beautiful day, not much wind, down to Waverly via Van Etten, over to Owego, up to Dryden, in via Freeville.

DXchulo 10-09-12 01:32 PM

I went to Austin last week and did a century in my 17th state. I did the Tour das Hugel route, which is a nice 107 miles with rolling hills all day.
Austin and the rental bike.

chipg5 10-22-12 06:44 PM

October #2 done; 106 miles, beautiful sunny fall day, leaves at their peak, rode out via Perry City Rd and into the Finger Lakes Nat'l Forest, climbed up Potomac and then Picnic Area Rd to the peak with an absolutely beautiful view of Seneca Lake and surrounding hills and countryside, then a nice 4 mile downhill to Rt 414, then another 6 miles of downhill into Watkins Glen, then to Montour Falls and the Cotton-Hanlon climb to Odessa. From Odessa a nice 26 miles of flat road with a bit of a tailwind to Candor, then the Honeypot Climb and descent followed by Buffalo Rd Hill up and down, then Slaterville-Harford Rd to 38, into Dryden, and back in via 13, Johnson, Upper/Lower Creek Rds and Hanshaw.

A beautiful day, sunny the whole time, some headwinds in the last part but nothing bad, very little traffic, leaves were beautiful. 6170 ft climbing, avg'd 14.9mph. 16th century of the year, 90th century since my first in Sept 2007.

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