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bikenh 10-29-12 08:51 AM

With Hurricane Sandy already dropping drizzle/light rain on the area I doubt I will see anymore long ride the rest of the month so I figure why not get this wrapped up today.

October 11: 121.11 miles, 7:23:02, 6428 feet of climbing
October 13: 101.18 miles, 6:39:38, 5205 feet of climbing
October 16: 103.27 miles, 6:40:40, 6225 feet of climbing
October 20: 121.27 miles, 6:48:04, 6566 feet of climbing
October 24: 127.07 miles, 8:09:35, 7821 feet of climbing
October 27: 101.56 miles, 6:28:33, 5386 feet of climbing
October 28: 114.76 miles, 7:28:03, 5870 feet of clmibing

The ride yesterday took me up and over 1500 miles for October, thankfully, and that now makes 15 consecutive months that I've ridden at least 1500 miles. Still trying to see if I can't pull off my first month without a day off the bike. I've had upwards of 45-50 days in a row on the bike but I can't seem to get out on the bike everyday for an entire calendar month.

I'm currently sitting at 939,247 feet of climbing for the year and going to see if I can't pull off 200 miles of climbing this year. With the expected Thanksgiving week off the bike I only need around 2432 feet of climbing per day to do it and with the area around being 50-55 feet per mile and my 60 day average pretty much never falling below 50 miles per day I think I should be able to pull it off. Going have to try to climb to the Internationla Space Station next year. Yeah, could be an interesting challenge. Talk about a lot of climbing. Unfortunately I didn't think of the idea until a couple of weeks ago, the day after Felix Baumgartner made the stratospheric jump. I had just tallied up my climbing for the year and saw it came over 890K and thought why not try for 1M feet of climbing...than rather quickly the idea of the 200 mile high club came up and the very next day the idea of the ISS ride came up. When did they bump up the ISS to 263 miles. Last I knew it was still around 225 miles up.

chipg5 11-12-12 07:29 PM

November done yesterday, 105.4 miles, 4800 ft climbing, beautiful day w/ temps in 50s - 60s, sunny, some wind but not bad, rode a few new roads, out to Cortland and then 41 and 12 which I hadn't ridden before, then back in on 79, love that quiet stretch from Chenango Forks to Whitney Point. Three road-kill porcupines seen on this ride. Also just realized I'd met my climbing goal for the year -- 100,000 meters (328,000 feet) on my last October century ride on 10/22! This makes century #17 for the year, and #91 total since my first one in Sept 2007.

rhm 11-12-12 07:54 PM

Yeah, yesterday was a beautiful day for riding on the East Coast.

Forum member TimmyT and I did a 117 mile ride from my house down into the pinelands of NJ, passing by the Great Adventure safari park, where we saw some very large (and distinctly non-native) beasties on the hoof. The highlight was about 10 miles of unpaved pinelands back roads, which are sand. 'I've been trying to get to know the less-traveled roads of the pinelands, of which there are many, but very poorly mapped. Sometimes they are nice smooth hard packed sand:

But this turns to sugar without warning. Hit that at full speed, and things get fun fast:

Oddly my 1930's three speed bike seemed better suited to this terrain than Tim's 1980's touring bike.

I think that was my 15th century for the year (at least one every month except May).

Climbing? You don't want to know about the climbing. A couple hundred feet of it, maybe. The pinelands are not famous for their topography!

DXchulo 11-22-12 07:40 PM

Did a little work in Atlanta and was able to squeeze in a century in both Georgia (Six Gap Century) and North Carolina (Nantahala Nightmare). I'm up to 19 of the 50 states now.

Here's my favorite picture from the trip:

bikenh 12-02-12 02:53 PM

Well, November ended up being the biggest month, I think, for doing centuries so far this year. I knew I wanted to get my 1500 miles for the month in before November since I didn't know for sure if I would be around any later in the month to be able to ride the bike. That kinda made it so I had to get 1500 miles in in 17 days. I pretty much had no other option than to put in numerous 100+ mile days.

November 1: 101.7 miles 5571 feet of climbing
November 2: 100.31 miles 6487 feet of climbing
November 3: 101.29 miles 5711 feet of climbing
November 4: 101.21 miles 5807 feet of climbing
November 5: 100.3 miles 6046 feet of climbing
November 6: 100.38 miles 5670 feet of climbing
November 10: 132.6 miles 8134 feet of climbing
November 11: 101.43 miles 5458 feet of climbing
November 12: 118.04 miles 6022 feet of climbing
November 14: 100.83 miles 6449 feet of climbing
November 15: 104.55 miles 6089 feet of climbing
November 16: 100.23 miles 5032 feet of climbing
November 17: 100.01 miles 5943 feet of climbing
November 27: 106.93 miles 6157 feet of climbing

Yeah, I ended up with 1844.63 miles for the month. That marked my 16th consecutive month of over 1500 miles. It also marked my 17th consecutive month I've ridden a double metric century. Now to see if I can do it for one more month before everything takes a drastic change starting in January.

Next year it isn't about horizontal miles anymore. That's too boring. Anyone can ride 20,000 miles in one year. If I can do it than anyone can do it. Pretty much anymore I'm only looking at vertical miles. I've already reached 1 million feet of climbing this year and as of the end of the day December 1st I'm only 7697 feet shy of having ridden 200 miles this year, vertically. Next year I'm going to try to ride to the International Space Station, yes 260-265 miles high...and do it without riding one single 100 mile day all year long. Why not prove you c an ride BIG miles for the year while still not riding big miles in any one day. When I do the math it comes down to riding around 26,000-27,000 miles next year or 90 miles a day for 300 days...figuring the average terrain around western New Hampshire is 50-55 feet per mile. Figuring I ride typically 15 mph during the winter months and 17.5-18+ mph during the summer months that means that I only have to ride 6-7 hours a day. Figure working(I'm unemployed) an 8 hour work day, and sleeping 8 hours a night that still gives a person 2 hours a day for other things. Figure commuting as part of your mileage and that really starts to make things easier.

Yeah, I'm looking forward to the challenge to prove how stupid/lazy people really are.

chipg5 12-11-12 06:27 PM

Done with December and the year, 101.7 miles, out to Spencer, Waverly, Wellsburg and a bit beyond and back in, pretty flat route, with only 3300 ft of vertical ascent; beautiful sunny day, minimal wind. Number 18 for the year, my goal met, number 92 lifetime since my first century in Sept 2007.

DXchulo 12-29-12 04:35 PM

December is done. It's been a tough month with rain, snow, and a lot of wind. I'm happy to report that I was able to do a century every week this year.
Pyramid Lake

rhm 12-29-12 08:15 PM

Wow, guys. Impressive!

I did 14 centuries in all, one or two every month except May.

I don't think I can raise the bar for myself for 2013, unless I try some back to back centuries, 100 miles out and back the next day. Might be worth a try, no?

Happy New Year, ladies and gentlemen! :beer:

bikenh 01-01-13 03:22 PM

December 5: 107.28 miles 6291 feet of climbing
December 9: 116.19 miles 5729 feet of climbing
December 11: 101.80 miles 6006 feet of climbing
December 13: 105.42 miles 6362 feet of climbing
December 15: 100.96 miles 5353 feet of climbing
December 20: 134.02 miles 6431 feet of climbing
December 31: 100.92 miles 5866 feet of climbing

Well, the year is over and I ended up the year with 97 days where I rode at least 100 miles. Never thought I would do anything like that. Started and finished the year with a 100 miler. I ended up doing a double metric every month and the December 200K ended up being the most impressive ride I've had in quite a long while. The speed, given the time of the year/weather was beyond belief. If that is a sign of anything to come...

21223.32 miles for the year. Never thought I would ever ride 10000 miles in one year and even after riding 12000 miles last year and thinking I was going to try to keep the 1500 miles/month streak alive for 12 consecutive months I didn't expect I would ever end up getting 18000 miles...the consecutive month streak started in August 2011.

2012 was definitely impressive for me. So many things I never expected myself to be crazy enough to attempt yet alone to pull off. Who only knows what 2013 will bring. I have so many ideas going through my mind it stinks.

chipg5 01-01-13 03:49 PM


Originally Posted by rhm (Post 15099198)
Wow, guys. Impressive!

I did 14 centuries in all, one or two every month except May.

I don't think I can raise the bar for myself for 2013, unless I try some back to back centuries, 100 miles out and back the next day. Might be worth a try, no?

Happy New Year, ladies and gentlemen! :beer:

Happy new year rhm! I'm looking forward to doing my first new jersey century this summer!

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