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MileHighMark 12-17-12 11:01 AM

Here's my review of the Dill Pickle saddlebag (and Carradice Bagman 2 support):

Bekologist 12-27-12 05:03 AM

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here's a couple

of pics

of an old carradice nelson longflap in action, bagman support.

noteon 01-15-13 10:35 PM

This one seems reasonably humongous:

Edit: Oops, you said saddlebag. Never mind...

waxnomadic 08-08-13 07:45 PM

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I just got this Vaude seatpost bag on clearance at Rei's outlet site. It's working great so far for my commute and can accommodate a full set of work clothes plus other essentials. It uses a klickfix connector on the seatpost for easy removal and is very sturdy. I just barely had enough exposed seatpost for it to fit, and it's still a little hard to get the fully loaded bag on/off because of the tight clearance. All-in-all I'm a happy camper and it ought to be a great bag for multi-day rides!

lungimsam 08-13-13 03:38 PM

Carradice Pendle. But I am no Randonneur. Commuter and recreational rider.
Fits lotsa stuff. Has slots on the lid for adding longer straps to strap stuff to the outside of the bag (not pictured).
I keep a rain poncho, splats, couple tubes, pump, tools, wallet, iPhone, flat kit, etc., and still have space for lunch. sells huge saddle bags of another brand.
Carradice has much bigger models, too.

Cyril 08-18-13 07:05 PM

Another Dill Pickle fan here.

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