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aggiegrads 12-26-12 04:33 PM

Preferred roof rack compatible with full fenders?
I have a couple of bikes that have long fenders (front and back), and I am looking for a rook mounted rack that I can use with either of them. The fender hits the tray on my existing fork mounted Steelhead, and many of the upright racks clamp at the top of the front tire.

Anybody come up with a good solution for not having to remove fenders to roof mount your bikes?

Mr. Fly 12-26-12 06:11 PM

Any rack mount that clamps onto the downtube and does not necessitate wheel removal will be candidates.

I use the Yakima Raptor successfully but the Thule Criterium or Big Mouth also look workable. This is for bikes that have full-length aluminum fenders that are long enough not to need mudflaps in the front.

To mitigate marring of the paint on the downtube, I use a small section of polyethylene pipe insulation from the hardware store in between the clamp and frame. So far, that has worked at highway speeds in the rain.

Mark W 12-29-12 06:55 AM

I have used our ATOC tandem mount to carry bikes with fenders because it carries the front of the bike higher to accommodate a tandem. The back half of the mount can be removed when it is used for a single. For our tandem we use the pivoting mount to make loading easier.

They also make specific models for bikes with fenders (see model BT-HT51), link at

Mark W

runningDoc 12-30-12 12:18 PM

Thule Criterium works with my bikes (with very very full coverage).

The fenders are SKS Longboard fenders made for 700c wheels fitted onto 26" wheels. I ended up having to cut the front fender down to fit in the front wheel.

kando 08-02-16 09:08 AM


Originally Posted by runningDoc (Post 15100620)
Thule Criterium works with my SKS Longboard fenders (for 700c wheels).

Long-term, are you still happy with this setup?
Can a Thule Criterium be easily adapted to Yakima crossbars?

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