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Machka 12-30-12 09:52 PM

2013 -- 1000-Mile Month Challenge
Note: I know this won't fit into everyone's training plans, or life plans, and I know this will not interest everyone, so there is absolutely no pressure to participate in this challenge. If you don't want to participate in this one, that's OK. But it is do-able (I've done it many times) and may encourage some of us to get out there and ride more.

The challenge: Ride 1000 miles in at least one month this year ... or as many months as you want ... go for all 12 months if you have the time and energy!! :D

I know lots of you ride this amount and more during your "season", so let us know how it's going.

If you don't quite make 1000 miles in a month, check out the 1000-Kilometer Month Challenge:

mickey85 12-30-12 10:19 PM

Just in straight commuting, I pull at least 300 miles/month. I'll give this a shot. I'm going to try for every month. Guess that means I need an odometer on the club bike, as well as my rando and commuter bikes. If not 1000 miles/month, I will certainly be able to hit 1000km/month. It starts in two days!

keithm0 12-30-12 11:51 PM

I've attempted this several times, but I've never actually hit 1000 miles. I think the closest I ever got was ~750. But sure, what the heck, sign me up!

mprelaw 12-31-12 01:22 PM

I think that, health/injuries permitting, I can hit 1000 miles/month in May and June. July would be iffy as we plan a vacation (without our bikes) in Finland. I'll build mileage again in August, and probably hit 1000 again in September. The fact that I have centuries or double metrics planned in those months will be of help. ;)

I'd be very lucky to turn in even a 1000 km month in winter, where I live. Hard to average 150 miles a week. I've had one 100+ mile week in the last month here.

mprelaw 12-31-12 09:19 PM

I just checked my Strava stats for last year. My highest mileage month was July, with 875 miles logged (3 days with no rides due to weather and/or time constraints). Next highest was September with an even 800 miles.

I think a couple 1000 mile months is very doable.

Teamdarb 01-01-13 06:41 PM

I am up for the challenge, as my end of year goal is 25000.

MUDDY88YJ 01-02-13 01:37 AM

I am in I did the first metric of the year on the first day of the year. 62.6 miles

Maneo 01-04-13 05:32 PM

New to forum.
So far in 2013....
1st Jan - 165km
2nd Jan - 145km
3rd Jan - 50k trail run
4th Jan - 180km
Today - Sitting on the couch

zonatandem 01-08-13 11:57 PM

At ages 80 and 77 our high mileage riding is a few years behind us.
But for over 20+ years we averaged 10,000 miles a year.
Our highest mileage year was just over 13,000.
Oh, and that was when I was still gainfully employed!
Most of that was done on our tandem(s).
In 2012 managed to get in just over 5,200 miles.
Growin' old is not for sissies!
Pedal on TWOgether!
Rudy and Kay/zonatandem

rhm 01-17-13 09:16 AM

Unless I find time for a week of touring, I don't think I have a hope. But I loved the goal, and share the ambition. So, tentatively, sign me up.

lhbernhardt 01-23-13 03:12 PM

OK, I think I've got the first 1,000 miles (1,600 km) - 1,250 km on the road fixie; approx. 350 km on the track bike (helps to have an indoor velodrome about 6 km away).


bikenh 02-02-13 05:40 PM

1045.22 for January. The first time since July 2011 I haven't ridden 1500 miles minimum in a month. It was also the first time since April 2011 that I didn't have at least one 100 mile day during the month. Then again the plan for this year is no 100 mile days. But still hope to pull off 25-30K miles for the year.

StephenH 02-03-13 02:09 AM

I got in a little over a 1,000 for January.

wn rider 02-05-13 11:32 PM

Looked back on last year and had 939 mi in June. Not quite enough. That would be a nice goal for this year since I have a couple of tough rides scheduled for July and need to get in better shape than last year.

StephenH 02-25-13 09:43 PM

February- done.

lhbernhardt 03-01-13 01:38 PM

February is the tough month, short and usually bad weather. But the weather in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia has been pretty mild this February - just cold rain, but no snow or freezing weather. So I was able to get in 1,626 km on the road fixie (there's the 1,000 miles there), plus 418 km on the indoor velodrome, for a Feb total of 2,044 km (about 1,200 miles).


StephenH 03-03-13 01:33 PM

February is tough for me, and I missed it last year. My anniversary is in February, so that tends to kill a Saturday, and then there's never a 5th Saturday to make up for it. As it worked out, though, 3 rides accounted for 600 of my miles in the month.

amit_shah25 03-09-13 08:42 PM

Aiight. Gonna try give this a shot. Lets see ...

lhbernhardt 04-03-13 10:32 AM

2,297 km for March. Really nice weather over the Easter weekend, got in a couple of 100 km+ days.


StephenH 04-03-13 11:52 AM

Ooh, forgot about this thread. Got in 1,616 miles in March, a new high for me.

Teamdarb 04-05-13 02:05 PM

[HR][/HR] this is more difficult then i thought.

lhbernhardt 05-02-13 01:40 PM

April: 1,682 km on the road fixie; 360 km at the indoor velodrome; 57 km on the tandem, for a grand total of 2,099 km for the month.


lhbernhardt 06-04-13 11:53 AM

May was an interesting month: two weeks of riding around the Abruzzo region of Italy, followed by a week on Maui (yeah, I climbed Haleakala starting at sea level, and yeah, it was on the fixie). Total on the fixie for May: 1,814 km; on the track: 55 km; on the tandem: 46 km. Total: 1,915 km (1,197 miles).


mprelaw 06-04-13 12:52 PM


Originally Posted by Teamdarb (Post 15474573)
[HR][/HR] this is more difficult then i thought.

Really tough when the weather has been as bad as it has in the northeastern US. 6 lost days in May cost me a 1000 mile month. I had 830 as it was.

Changes in our vacation plans now means it overlaps both June and July, so August now is my next realistic shot.

lhbernhardt 06-30-13 05:52 PM

June was a high-mileage month, 2,656 km (1,660 miles). Did a couple of 200 km rides, they helped. 2,280 km on the fixed gear bike on the road, the rest on the track. I'll need to taper down for July, as I've got London-Edinburgh-London (1,400 km) coming up during the last week.


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