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JasonCarp 02-06-13 08:47 PM

This looks like fun. Is anyone doing this?

Machka 02-07-13 03:11 AM

What is it? Copy and paste a text description. I don't click on links without a good description of what the site is.

surreycrv 02-07-13 10:01 AM

Those events that use the patriotic flag to line their pockets should be avoided

howsteepisit 02-07-13 01:10 PM

Might be fun, but I have come to dislike fund raisers where you do all the work, raise the funds, do the ride, collect the donations, turn over the money to the do-gooder. Not my cup of tea.

20_700c 02-07-13 02:17 PM

For those too lazy/paranoid to click the link...Quoting from the link:

The Promises To Keep Triumph Tour is three day cycling/running event connecting the communities of Madison, Milwaukee and Green Bay with a goal to create state-wide, unifying campaign for wounded warriors and grateful citizens to come together in honor and service.This charity event supports myTEAM TRIUMPH Wisconsin, a non-profit athletic mentoring program for challenged endurance athletes and Team RWB. Support raised is used to provide team-based character and relationship building programs for able-bodied and challenged athletes.
Each day of the event would incorporate a group bike ride, followed by an organized 5K run in each of the three locations.
Up to 200 will have the opportunity to ride in a supported group formation (with a military or motorcycle escort) through the scenic roads of Wisconsin. While up to 500 can take part to run in each of the 5k events. Registration is open to able-bodied and challenged athletes (veterans and citizens).
Participants have the option to take on one or all three of the tour legs, and 5k runs. Those athletes taking on all three legs and thereby covering 350 miles over the entire weekend will receive a custom Triumph Tour Survival Strap.
I agree with howsteepisit.... lots of work for someone else... the reward for this type of event is generally not sufficient for me. So, I usually don't do them.

Otoh, I very much agree with supporting veterans/wounded warriors via other means.

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