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rodar y rodar 02-09-13 12:32 AM

Too big a leap?
It pains me greatly to admit it, but I recently started my first ever foray into training. After reading around on forums and other websites, I came up with what I thought was a simple and sound basic program, but now wonder if I need to scale it down even more.

My goal is a general speed improvement on brevets and non organized distance rides. Basics of my program are brisk 60 mile road loop once per weekend, all out private TT on a 9 mile local loop some time midweek, and keep doing my short daily commute, but go extra easy to serve as recovery rides. The specific part I wonder about is the short TT. Holy smokes! I did it for the first time Wed morning and was amazed at how much a half hour ride could take out of me! I`ve never pulled from the depths of my soul like that in my life, no HS wrestling practice, never raced anything, so I have zero frame of reference. I definitely felt the effort though the rest of that day and until I went to bed that night, much reduced by the next day, and feel completely recovered from it now. Still, not sure it`s a good idea. How do I tell if that 30 minutes of hard effort is too much for me at this point? I`m willing to do it if it might help, but I don`t want to torture myself if its going to be counterproductive.

ThermionicScott 02-09-13 10:08 AM

You lived. It's not too much. :thumb:

FWIW, I feel that the sprints and TT-like riding I did in my commutes leading up to last year's brevets really helped with my strength and speed for those rides.

unterhausen 02-09-13 07:39 PM

it doesn't really bother me to take two days to recover from a ride as long as I don't have something it will interfere with during those two days. My understanding is that you should only do 2 such rides a week.

rodar y rodar 02-09-13 11:56 PM

Unanimous after almost 24 hours. Yeah, I guess as long as I recovered within a reasonable time frame, it seems unlikely that I`m doing any damage. The full length TT stays. Thanks for the words of wisdom.

StephenH 02-10-13 11:18 PM

I'll put out what I feel is a reasonable (but hard) level of effort. But if in doubt, get a heart-rate monitor and ask a doctor. No point dying to get in shape.

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