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gyorgyigabor 03-20-13 05:08 PM

video: Monte Grappa challenge (2-3-4-5 ascents) : my day: 261 km + 7241 m
In the year of 2012 I participated in a great cycling event, brevet that was organised on Monte Grappa (1775 m), a legendary mountain of Italy, where I recorded video. By this event the cyclists can climb the mountain 2-3-4-5 times in a day. An ascent means ca. 1500-1600 m heightdifference and 2-3 of them has 13-15-20% steep sections. The landscape is a mixture of rocks mountainsides, friendly meadows and there are great views to the plain.
This event day was one of my most memorable cycling day and I finished the day after 261 kms + 7241 m heightdifference.

The video can be reached here:

In the following weeks I will write a travelogue too and I will post it too.

In my youtube channel you can find cycletouring videos about more than 130 paved ascents of the Alps, Pyrenées and Canary islands going above 2000 m :
( )
Or the list of all of the climbs that I cycled - with videolinks:
You can find here the searched climb based on its name or its height.

Best regads,
Gábor Györgyi ( )

dwmckee 04-06-13 07:55 PM

Beautiful scenery. Congrats!

gyorgyigabor 04-07-13 11:26 AM


Originally Posted by dwmckee (Post 15478787)
Beautiful scenery. Congrats!

Thank you :)
I can suggest to visit it !


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