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Bandera 04-04-13 03:43 PM

Vintage Seatbag Mounting

Scored an English made NOS Schwinn Approved seatbag just like the one I used in the '70's.
(Pic is from seller, not my bike.)

I intend to mount it on the Soma that I just built up as my century bike when I need to stash lots of "stuff".
The saddle I'm using is a Sella Italia Turbo (1 of 3 I ride), there are no bag loops on the saddle being an old style racing type.

I'm about to order a set of Cyclo Bag Loops and was wondering if any of you have installed them on a non-Brooks design.
As I recall Brooks saddle rails were larger in diameter than Sella, might just have to suck it up and order the re-designed Bagman support.



Nakedbabytoes 04-04-13 04:00 PM

I haven't installed a bag on a non loop backed seat, but I had 3 Brooks saddles all with bags attached and yes, the rails widened out more in the back than typical saddles, so the loops are further apart by about an inch. I used Brooks stuff with Brooks stuff, so I can't comment on alternatives & adaptors. Nice bag though! And nice Soma! I sortof wish I had kept my Millbrook bag from my fixie to use on my Salsa Casseroll. That was a nice bag!

jbithaca 04-10-13 07:15 AM

Seatbag mounting
I have used both a Fizik Arione and a Gilles Berthoud Soulor saddle on my Litespeed Arenberg. What I have used to attach my Carradice Low Saddle Long Flap bag is a double D-clip which is made of brass which I zip tied to the saddle rails. This means I can take the bag on and off easily. I have attached D-rings to the straps on the saddle bag. All I have to do is open the slider mechanism on the D-clip, slide in the D-rings on each side and it is good to go.

Bandera 04-20-13 03:44 PM


Originally Posted by Bandera (Post 15470748)
I'm about to order a set of Cyclo Bag Loops and was wondering if any of you have installed them on a non-Brooks design.

Well, that won't work.
The width spacing on the saddle rails won't work w/ the '70's Brit bag w/ Cyclo Loops on my Turbo, and I'm not changing saddles.

I'll move the Schwinn Approved bag onto the Brooks B-72 saddle on my town bike where it will both useful and period correct.

Since the Soma is my modern interpretation of a classic club rider's machine perhaps forgetting about the old school designs and going contemporary would be best. My requirements would be for a simple, durable & solid seatpack design of medium capacity that costs less than a crankset, and won't touch my leg when moving back on the saddle.

Any tried & true recommendations? Arkel? Carridice QR?



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