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CanadianBiker32 04-19-13 01:42 AM

RAAM Events and Numbers
For the RAAM Events that happen every year. WHat is the total number of people who ride on average a year?
I heard the numbers are not really that big?

Also is it very $ to do a RAAM event?

Machka 04-19-13 02:12 AM

This is the RAAM site:

And this is the FAQ from the RAAM site. It will provide an answer regarding the cost (and, of course, the answer to several other questions):

So a quote from the RAAM site above ...
How Much Does It Cost to Compete in RAAM?
Besides the entry fee, every racer and team has to provide their own support crew and support vehicles. Depending on the number of crew, the number of vehicles, and how deluxe your race is, the costs starts at $20,000. With a Team of racers this costs gets split multiple ways. By contrast, typically it costs over $50,000 to climb Mt. Everest and a year of college can cost over $30,000. For some, this is certainly a lot of expense - and you will never regret spending any of it. The rewards of this race far outweigh any dollar value. As they say in the Visa commercials - Finishing RAAM - Priceless.

StephenH 04-19-13 11:04 AM

It depends on what you mean by "a RAAM event". If you're doing RAAM, it's expensive- and I think I've seen numbers quite a bit higher than the $20,000 listed. You have entry fee, travel costs to the start point for all concerned, travel costs from the finish for all concerned, fuel and car costs for follow car(s) across the country, lodging for all those people the whole while, food for everyone, etc. If you quit halfway across, your plane reservations are still from the finish point.

There are some RAAM-associated events that are not RAAM itself. One is the Race Across the West, with a link under "Events" on the RAAM page. There are also "RAAM Challenge" races,, with 200 and 400 mile races in various locations. And there are similar long-distance events that are not affiliated with RAAM, see the UMCA website.

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