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KJ4JPQ 04-24-13 05:24 AM

Has anyone ridden skyline drive in one day?
If so do you have any tips/advice for riding it.
I would like to ride it later this year, but I'm afraid that there would be a little to much climbing for me... any advice for getting through the long climbs.
Is it better to start in Front Royal or in Waynesboro?

JimF22003 04-25-13 02:51 AM

There are not too many "long" climbs, and they're not horrendously steep. Longest ones I can think of are right out of Front Royal, Hogback (both ways), up to Pinnacles, and maybe a couple others further south. Just gear down and spin is the best advice.

There's a deserted HOJOs at the Waynesboro end where you can park, but there are no services there. To get water and other supplies you'll need to ride down to Waynesboro another couple of miles.

The main issue of doing it all in one direction is how to get back to the other end. Apparently some of the local bike stores can hook you up with a driver to haul you back to the start.

What I've done a couple of times is start in the middle at Big Meadows, and do out-and-backs over two days (first day south and back, and second day north and back or vice versa.)

p.s. I see we live in the same town. Howdy neighbor!

tahoeeddie 04-27-13 02:56 PM

JimF... if riding skyline, where are there stops for supplies along the way if you start from front royal? supplies = food/drink

JimF22003 04-28-13 04:34 AM

The wayside stores are paced about every 25 miles:

Elk Wallow (24)
Big Meadws (51)
Loft Mountain (78 I think)

Skyland Resort at 40? or so also has supplies.

You can get water at some of the picnic and camping areas, or exhibits, such as Dickey Ridge or Panorama.

You can always ride down off the Drive into the towns, but the climbs back up can be pretty steep.

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