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jrickards 05-03-13 12:37 PM

Bit of a sore knee
My left knee but not the patella, the left side where there is a bit of bony protrusion, the top of the fibula. It doesn't feel like a ligament issue, not at all.

It's just a bit sensitive and I wanted to go for a 70km ride later today. Should I not go at all, go but be prepared to bail or go because it will work itself out?

skiffrun 05-04-13 11:25 PM

One of those three options is almost certainly the correct approach.

jrickards 05-06-13 05:36 AM

I decided to go for it and be prepared to bail. I also made a minor adjustment to my saddle. Although there was an initial (2-3km) bit of soreness, after that, I was fine for the 102.5km. It is a bit sore this morning from yesterday's ride but I find that it gets worse after keeping still for a while, movement seems to clear it up.

RoadHolland 05-06-13 09:27 AM

ICE ICE ICE after your ride!! -- I was having the same sort of problem with my knee; went to a local physical therapist and he did 4 sessions of soft tissue therapy to the site and some ultra sound. He said I wasn't letting the knee heal before reinjuring it again and again. Then he looked at my bike set up, identified the adjustments needed to keep the injury from coming back. Don't just live with your pain, you want to keep those knees as long as you can.

Hydrated 05-06-13 12:42 PM


Originally Posted by RoadHolland (Post 15593721)
...went to a local physical therapist...<snip>...Then he looked at my bike set up, identified the adjustments needed to keep the injury from coming back.

Hey Richard,

How did you find a physical therapist with this mix of knowledge and skills? My 50 year old knees are not damaged... but I've found that they are much more sensitive than they have ever been. I've never been plagued with knee problems before, but I find that cleat float and position are critical to keeping the pain away now.

I'd love to work with a therapist who knows knees and bike setup, but I've had trouble finding that person.

How did you find yours?

By the way... I love your clothing lines... I don't like always looking like a rolling billboard when I ride. So I've been lusting after your stuff for years, but have never pulled the trigger to purchase. I need to change that. Nice to see you here.

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