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lungimsam 08-05-13 03:43 PM

How to deal with painful sit bone?
On a training ride recently, my left sitbone felt like I was sitting on a nail point for a little while.
Now it is just sore. Right sit bone is fine.
Any tips on how to get it better quick so it doesn't act up on my next training ride this weekend?
Thanks for any tips.

motochick 09-17-13 10:10 AM

Have you tried twisting the nose of your saddle slightly to the side that is sore? That is how I run mine and so does my husband.

Blue_Bulldog 09-17-13 06:45 PM

I had this very problem when I was training for my century I just did. The long distances, the legs, the muscles, the energy... none of this was a huge issue. But having my rump in the saddle for that long, was pure hell.

I ended up picking up a new saddle that was designed a little more for touring. The one I got was an eleven81 touring saddle. It has some sort of gel thing that may be reverse engineered from alien technology... I dunno, I don't ask questions. But that was much better. I also reeeeeally don't like actual "cycling shorts" for reasons I choose not to repeat in mixed company, however the padding is missed. I switched to Slide Shorts, which is made for baseball players. They're like boxer briefs with padding in the vital areas. That way I have padding and can still ride in my loose, comfortable shorts I like.

The #1 thing that helps me with a sore sit bone, is to rise out of the saddle every few miles when the back door is a little worn. I'll stand up in the pedals and kind of arch my back a bit and lunge forward. Do it right and you look kind of like the Rolls Royce hood ornament. Or whats her name in Titanic. Just don't do the arms extended thing or youll fall and die. But standing up in the pedals and lunging lower half forward, will stretch everything out while giving your can a short break.

Just look out for bumps. Trust me on that one.

deltarocket 09-18-13 12:41 PM

So I just had a fitting and found out that my saddle was too narrow. I was using a Brooks, so there was no padding, changed it for a Specialized that was wider with no padding and it felt way better. I am wondering if you have the same problem. The fitter said my sit bones were on the extreme outside of the saddle so I was not getting the right support from the saddle, something to look at

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