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ScotteeD 08-26-13 12:20 PM

Kenda K Rad 2.3 x 26
I am currently running these K Rads as my commuter tires on my Scott Aspect 45. I run around 75 lbs pressure front and back and have had no issues in the last 400 miles since installing.

My delima is how efficient will these tires be over the course of a century ride? I have not looked at the route I will be riding, so i'm not sure if there will be any drastic elevation issues. I highly doubt it since the state of Kansas is involved.

I will be riding 103 miles on a Saturday and then turn around and ride 80 miles back home Sunday. I am hoping to ride the 103 miles in around 6 hrs. My fitness level is good, I have logged 1600 miles since May 1st and am comfortable with my set up.

Question is....would I gain anything by switching over to my Kenda Quest 1.5 x 26s running 90 lbs pressure?


ThermionicScott 08-26-13 03:44 PM

I would expect the Kwests to be a little more efficient, but you never know.

Dylansbob 09-19-13 10:28 PM

K-rads are fairly light for their size. I've only used them in 2.0 size and liked them alot around 40psi. Unless the roads are really nice, I'd trade any weight penalty for a softer ride.

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