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JonnyHK 08-30-13 01:28 AM

Lake Taupo - anyone done?
I was wondering if anyone had done the longer distance enduro (multi lap) events at Lake Taupo -

I've been thinking about it and if I was going to go to all the expense of flying to New Zealand I would want to do one of the longer events - either the 300 or 600km distance.

My longest ride to date is the Alpine Classic Extreme 250.

Can anyone offer any wisdom or knowledge?
- course profile
- wind
- any spots on the course that are plain nasty or soul destroying etc

znomit 08-30-13 04:06 AM

All the other info at the stupid URL here:

Usually about 80 people do the two laps (lots of bunches) and maybe a dozen for the 4 laps. Oh, and 10,000 doing various other rides.
Theres no services in the hills for the first 100km but plenty after that.

Theres a few stretches coming back up the lake where theres not much of a road shoulder and this can be annoying if theres heavy traffic on the 4 lapper, otherwise its brilliant.

JonnyHK 09-01-13 01:59 AM

Thanks for those notes.

I'd seen the ride profile, but it isn't very detailed and it is hard to workout gradients with that scale. Was hoping they'd have something better.

znomit 09-02-13 04:37 AM

A lot of casual cyclists do this ride, there are no real killer climbs (do K2 in the coromandel if you want that: ; double lapper running in 2014).

More detailed Taupo profile off my gps

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