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Homeyba 08-31-13 09:49 PM

Lee Fuzzy Mitchell
Not sure how many of you are aware of who Lee "Fuzzy" Mitchell is. He's been a fixture and legend in the long distance community for many years. Mostly SAGing events like double centuries and brevets all over California and the US. He was a fixture at BMB, Goldrush and other US 1200ks. He crew chiefed and raced in over 20 RAAMs and countless other endurance races. He passed away today after a long struggle with cancer and he will be greatly missed.

RChung 08-31-13 10:51 PM

Damn. Sorry to hear this. Very nice guy. Condolences to all his friends and family.

LWaB 09-01-13 02:20 AM

A legendary figure is gone.

200miler 09-01-13 04:54 PM

I got an e-mail about him yesterday PM. He and I were going to get together after I worked the KNX DC at the end of the month. He had told me that he was over his treatments and was working on getting his strength back.

He was my mentor for the past 12 years, working DC's together, and I had the privilege of crewing for him in the '11 RAAM.

I have lost a very good friend.

lhbernhardt 10-15-13 03:50 PM

Chris Kostman wanted us to wear red socks at the FC508 in Lee Mitchell's honor. My crew wore red socks and I wore my red BC Randonneur Canada socks.

A Lee Mitchell story: My wife Carole rode a five-ride Cali Triple Crown a few years ago. On one of these rides, she was using a superlight set of carbon wheels with tubular tires, recently built by Bill Stevenson at the Bike Stand in Olympia, WA. Unfortunately, she only had one spare. Of course, she punctured one of the tubs, and there was something wrong with the valve on the spare. So Lee Mitchell comes along and does his best to get her going again. I think she was able to continue her ride, but only after Lee had worked miracles, and with only about 50 pounds in her spare. But his parting shot was, "If I ever see you back here riding sew-ups, I'm gonna kick yer ass!"


StephenH 10-15-13 04:47 PM

Never met him, but my stoker Sharon was out for his memorial service a couple of weeks ago.

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