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Long Tom 09-22-13 02:06 PM

First Century on Saturday- critique my plan for the week prior?
Hi folks. Riding a Century on Saturday with a friend. I'm interested in any pearls of wisdom I can gather with respect to preparation during the next week.

I've been riding hard since May. To give particulars- 702 miles in August, and I'll have more than that in September, barring a problem of some kind. I ride every other day, and ride between 50-60 miles per. My routes are aggressive and I seek out big climbs. In short, I've been in a legit HTFU mode. :)

Rode a fairly intense 53 yesterday (Saturday). Lots of big climbs at a tough pace. My PLAN, and I'm open to critique is:

-Ride a hard 50+ tomorrow or Tuesday (moving my kid into the dorm Monday...).

-Spin a fairly easy 30-ish miles on Wednesday.

-take Thursday and Friday off

-Century on Saturday. We are not aiming for lots of climbing here.

Now, given that I've been doing 50-60 every other day in August and September, is it even wise or necessary to back off a bit prior to the Century?

Nutrition on Friday?

brianogilvie 09-22-13 04:39 PM

What's your longest ride? You shouldn't have any problem with a century, but if your longest recent ride is 60 miles, you'll want to start out slower than if it was 80.

I wouldn't necessarily take both Thursday and Friday off. A short, moderate ride on one of those days--maybe 10-15 miles on Friday--won't tire you out much. I find my legs feel heavy after a couple days without cycling.

Friday, I would drink lots of water and have a pasta dinner (or rice if you need to avoid gluten), to ensure that your muscle glycogen is topped off.

Have fun!

ThermionicScott 09-22-13 05:35 PM

Sounds good. I'd do any necessary bike maintenance/adjustments NOW, and use the next week for shakedowns, so they won't happen on the big ride.

I agree that you should plan for a slightly slower pace your first time out. It'll feel a little too slow in the beginning, but you don't want to "leave it all on the field" by mile 60. ;)

StephenH 09-22-13 08:07 PM

What you're doing sounds fine to me. The day before, try not to get bloated or eat anything that causes digestive issues down the way, otherwise, normal food. On the ride, pace yourself and enjoy it, stop when you feel like it or when your friend does.

Proper Roadie form is to draft each other, head down, and see how fast you can do it. My form is ride side by side and talk and the heck with the clock.

Long Tom 09-22-13 11:04 PM

No worries there; my bud and I are all about the company. We are way up in each other's bidness- lots to chat about. :)

i agree with having dead-feeling legs after a few days off. I was forced- forced I tell you!- into not riding for 4 days in August. I expected to just explode on the bike when I rode next, but it was the opposite. I felt a bit leaden. So, maybe I'll get out on Thursday and do an easy 20 or something.

I'm looking forward to this. He got me started cycling in April, in response to a big double-50 miler he and another friend were setting up to commemorate their 50th birthdays. I survived those rides, then kept riding because I wanted to hang into the gains I'd made... and then, well, got kind of obsessed with it. Anyway, notching a Century (knock on wood, lol) will be very satisfying for us in that we didn't see THIS coming a few short months ago!

Blue_Bulldog 09-23-13 09:56 AM

The century I just completed this month, this was what my buddy and I did the week before. I had been training for a few months and had about 4 half centuries under my belt. So this was how we got down:

Monday: 25mi
Tuesday: 20mi
Wed: 25mi
Thurs: I rested for the morning because it was the Jewish holiday, we did 30mi that afternoon
Fri: Rest Day, but run a bunch of errands, drink a good amount of water
Sat: Be awesome and bang out 109 mi!!

I also spent the week eating a ton of meat, bread, pasta, protein-y & carb-y foods. Cut my coffee down to only one cup a day. Also, don't make fun, but I did a lot of meditation and relaxation exercises. You'd be amazed what you can do with some help from your good friend Zen.

Disclaimer: This was what worked for me. You're not me. And if you are, you're pretty awesome so keep it up.

Long Tom 09-23-13 09:12 PM

My day had a ceiling on it, and the weather was dicey, so I did an abridged version of my usual ride. Just the hard part. It ended up at 43 miles but it did match my PR for average mph on this route. I was in a celebratory mode for a couple big reasons and it felt good to push hard.

I think I'll aim for 60 on Wednesday, then do what you guys recommend and spin an easy 20 on Thursday or Friday.

One nice thing- my nether regions are really liking the seat position change I made last week- moved it back almost 3 cm and its been win/win/win so far. Butt discomfort past 40 miles or so has been a real issue for me but it's much better now that the seat isn't cramming forward.

I'll try to mini-blog the ride in progress on my iPhone, battery permitting.

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