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the engine 09-24-13 07:08 PM

Tek-Knees Cycling Project ...
I want to share a new project ... I just opened the pandoras box today, so now I am fully committed. Or, maybe should be committed.

If this posting is inappropriate to the forums, just delete it. I'm not asking for $$$. Just sharing my cycling adventure. Thanks ...

Here is the note I sent to my friends and associates. Very positive response thus far:


As some of you know, and some may not, I had bi-lateral knee replacement surgery on July 2, 2012. Dr. Roy Mittman was my surgeon, through Seaview Orthopedic in Ocean, NJ. The work was done at Jersey Shore Medical Center, and Zimmer prosthetics were used to completely replace the joints in both knees. Essentially, implanting metal end caps on the femur and tibia where the knee joint is, and inserting a plastic disc to function as cartilage would.

I have been steadily riding since mid-August of 2012 to recover my cycling fitness, On one of my rides, I came up with a plan to “keep the metal to the pedal”. I have started a project called the Tek-Knees Cycling Project … a real world study in bi-lateral knee replacement durability. The goal of this project is to push the limits of the knee prosthetics beyond normal use. The planned ride schedule includes climbing Mt. Washington in 2014 (on a bicycle). Doing a ride through the Adirondak Mountains of 540 miles in 2015. In 2016 I will do a Ride Across America in 15 days, which means riding 200 miles per day, 15 days straight. The training for these “main events” will include several UMCA (Ultra Marathon Cycling Assoc.) sanctioned races, and numerous RUSA (Randoneering USA) sanctioned brevet rides of between 200 k and 1200 k throughout the U.S., and abroad.

I am currently in talks with several prospective primary sponsors for this project. The discussion has been very positive, but these things take time. Stay tuned …

Currently in “base training”, on October 6, 2013 I will be riding the Bicycling Magazine Fall Classic. A ride of 91 hilly miles near Allentown, PA., to test my training thus far. November brings a RUSA 200k brevet in central New Jersey to further gauge my fitness. I will continue a winter training schedule, and begin in early spring to train and ride events building towards the upcoming "main events" on tap.

Follow me on http:// I am posting training ride links, information as to the progress of the project, and random posts on what my knees are telling me.

Thanks you for your time.

Bacciagalupe 09-24-13 08:46 PM

• At least as far as I know: Cycling with the proper technique shouldn't damage your knee replacements.

As in, get a top-notch bicycle fit ASAP, and be very clear about your goals. I suggest you go to Manhattan and talk to Signature Cycles.

• If you are intentionally trying to blow your knee replacements, that's an exceptionally bad idea. A repeat TKR is really going to suck.

• FYI, the reliability of knee replacements is actually pretty well documented, with rigorous procedures. At least, as long as you used a well-established implant.

• Also FYI, cycling with a knee replacement isn't exactly a new idea... e.g.

Homeyba 09-24-13 11:38 PM

A friend of mine had that done and has raced in RAAM. His Dr told him that the long miles on the bike will shorten the life of the joints but the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. If I were you, I'd stay your course and have fun with it.

the engine 09-26-13 07:47 AM

Bacciagalupe - I am fit to my bike perfectly. I have the proper adjustments engrained in my head. My surgeon has given me his complete blessing and encouragement. Riding with knee replacements is new to me, and not well documented outside the threads such as the one linked. I had read that thread, and others too.

Homeyba - Would you pass this along to your friend? I'd love to know how the RAAM went for them. I was on a crew for a solo RAAM rider this passed year (crewing same rider on RAW this coming year). I will be following the same coarse on my ride, but slower ... I don't race, I just ride.

I have been told that by the time I wear them out doing what I'm trying to do, technology will have advanced considerably, and repairs to the existing replacements will be common place ... When I had to get off the bike, I could barely walk. With the replacements, I'm walking pain free, and back to riding. I have taken precautions; 1) I don't overwork them, and pay close attention to how the knees feel. 2) I use a triple, with an 11-32 cassette. My average pace is much slower, and the stress on my knees is greatly diminished. Yes, the benefits are much greater ... my cardiologist and endocrinologist are very happy with the results of my being back on the bike.

ThermionicScott 09-26-13 12:59 PM

Sounds like a noble endeavor to me. I may need replacement knees someday. :thumb:

mmeiser 09-28-13 07:24 PM

This is a limit in endurance I hope I never have to push. But as such I am thankful that some is pushing this limit and sharing the results sothat we might have bbetter knowledge on the subject. Best of luck. Will be following along. Start a mailing list and put me on it.

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