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hambertloot 09-27-13 06:59 AM

inside groin pain after cycling long distances
the pain in right in between my right thigh and my specials ;) It goes away in 3 or so days but towards the end of long tides it really begins to hurt. After riding, walking hurts and i cant lay down and lift up my right leg. i am guessing this has to do with poor saddle place?

it doesnt hurt on short rides. just towards mile 90 and up

Carbonfiberboy 09-27-13 08:28 AM

I'm guessing it's a tendon issue. I say that because I got something like this from XC ski racing when I was about your age. It took years to go away, which sounds like a tendon issue. My coach told me to just race through the pain, HTFU IOW, but that might not have been the best advice. I don't have any treatment ideas other than to say: if what you're doing hurts, stop doing it.

Further guessing that it has nothing to do with saddle, but more to do with doing too much without adequate years of preparation and training, and just plain genetic bad luck. There's a chance that a change in fit might help, but I'm guessing not. Whatever's connected to that tendon is still going to have to work to move the pedals.

Steamer 09-27-13 10:24 AM

I used to have a similar problem, and based on my expereince resolving my issue I'd say you should adjust your pedal stroke to stop pulling up / back so hard... till it heals.

I ride recumbents as well as upright bikes, and have had this issue irrespective of how much i have been riding each type of bike, so I think I can confirm that it's unlikely to be a saddle issue, per se.

BamaBulldawg 09-28-13 07:53 AM

Not saying this is what you have but be aware if it doesn't go away on its own. I just had this surgery 3 weeks ago to correct this issue.

BamaBulldawg 09-28-13 07:55 AM

It could also mean your foot arches are collapsing on your pedal stroke causing your leg to rotate inward, this is helped with insoles.

eDuBB 11-09-13 05:19 PM

I had a similar issue and lowered my seat a a few mm. Not super scientific; however, in the end I am way more comfortable on the bike overall with no issue with the inner thigh or the specials :-)

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