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Mycoalson 10-06-13 06:27 PM

21 Days, 910 Miles.
I read the thousand mile thread on this forum and was inspired to try it. I didn't make it the first attempt due to an unfortunate interruption.

I decided to try something unusual: 2 days on, 1 off. I would ride 50 miles on the on days. When I looked at a calender, this meant that week 1,2 & 4 would have five work out days. Week three would have four. In 28 days I'd have 950 miles. On the 29th day, I'd get my 1000 miles.

I figured if I just went a mile or two further each day, and counted my off day riding, I'd be close at day 28(4 weeks)

As was, and this is not exact, I don't have my journal, I had around 314 the first week, 304 the second, and this past week I had a bit over 280. I know that today, my cumulative was 910, so those numbers are just a bit conservative.

I have to be honest, I'm fearful that something catastrophic will come up and I'll not even get the thousand.

But, there is a part of me that wants to really hit the hammer and go for 1200.

I'm also tempted to just slack off and get at least the thousand, or a bit more.

As is, I'm scheduled for work out days tomorrow and Tuesday, and I have appointments I really need to keep that could make it difficult to go on extended rides. I love cycling, but it can't stop other aspects of my life.

All I can say, is at the beginning of last week, I was trying to calculate how many miles I needed to get in those 4 work out days and I kept thinking, "that'd leave me with 300 miles in a week, I can't do that....oh, s***, I guess I can, I just did it, two weeks in a row."

I surprised myself, I don't think I'm some kind of great athlete, but this has been a really cool three weeks and I'm hoping to make it a cool month.

All that despite 4 flats in two weeks, and a broken front derailleur cable...

I just had to share...thanx for reading!:)

unterhausen 10-06-13 07:34 PM

congratulations, sounds like you are well on your way to making your goal.

Ridefreemc 11-05-13 08:26 AM

Nice work! If it were me I'd leave the 1200 week as another challenge for another time. Also, usually I'm not as concerned if I don't make the exact mark since I don't get paid to ride (not my job and don't want to make it my job) and yes "life happens."

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