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Coluber42 10-17-13 03:17 PM

Ride report from Appalachian 1000k - two fixies this time
I wasn't really ready or totally in shape, but felt pretty good actually and finished the ride just in time. I had company this time, too, which made it more fun. And it helped that the other rider was also on a fixed gear, which made it much easier to ride together on a route with that amount of climbing. Ride report is here:

If anyone is interested, the ride won't be run next year, but maybe if there are enough requests for it, it will be back. It's a gorgeous, scenic ride at a beautiful time of year for foliage in West Virginia. It is not for the faint of heart - it's a really challenging, relentless ride. But well worth it.

ThermionicScott 10-17-13 03:32 PM

Very cool! I remember reading about last year's 1000k. Your site is (unfortunately) blocked where I work, so I'll have to read it later. ;)

rowebr 10-18-13 08:01 AM

Wow. Doing this ride on a fixed gear is ridiculous! Great ride report, thanks for sharing.

ThermionicScott 10-18-13 11:47 AM

Got a chance to read it last night -- badass for sure! :thumb:

I liked Spencer's bumper sticker, too. :lol: He's from my general area (Midwest) but I haven't yet ridden with him. Our RBA told me about how he likes to unclip on the downhills, and I wouldn't blame either of you with some of the hills you saw. :thumb:

Coluber42 10-18-13 01:34 PM

@Thermionic - Spencer's a good rider. Solid, consistent, experienced, etc. He doesn't unclip a whole lot, he only did it a little on this ride toward the end. I did it a little too, and I hadn't done it at all since BMB in 2006 when I was having achilles issues.
Over the years and a lot of fixed brevets I've gotten pretty comfortable at descending at high RPMs and a lot of the time I can keep up with geared riders on downhills, especially short or curvy ones. On long smooth steep straightaways I get dropped but that's ok and were I live we don't have a lot of those. ;)
@rowebr - What might be more ridiculous is doing it on a fixed gear two years in a row... And the second time telling someone else to come along and also do it fixed.

Slowhead 10-22-13 11:28 PM

Thanks for posting, great report.

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