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ramchip 10-22-13 03:54 AM

London to Newcastle Training?
Iím looking for a little help from anybody with experience of ultra cycling events to help me put a training plan together. I want to ride this event ( next year. In reality Iím just a newbie in regards to cycling. I started cycling last July when I was overweight. Starting with just 5K rides, slowly but surely increasing my rides, I lost five and a half stones and completed the Deloite Ride Across Britain 990 miles in nine days, although being honest it nearly killed me, or at least it felt like it.

I class myself as a ďplodderĒ and it seems my training is simple training my body to ride longer but slowly. Iím very lucky as Iím semi retired and live in south east Spain so I can ride all winter long.

Could someone advise me on what training I should now be doing to target the London to Newcastle ride which will also help me increase my speed and endurance.

joewein 11-14-13 11:07 PM

480 km (300 miles) in about 24 hours is an average of 20 km/h (12.5 mph). This is a third faster than minimum speed for brevets. It's much easier to increase distance than average speed.

So what was your daily average speed on the Deloite Ride Across Britain event?

ramchip 11-18-13 03:40 AM

With rest breaks the actual cycling time is around 20 hours so my average speed would need to be faster. From looking on Strava the slowest avergae times of those that completed the ride in 24 hours were between 25 to 26kmh.

I completed the Ride Across Britain at at average pace around 19Kmh although I was pacing myself and had only been riding for a few months. I have improved since and I'm still improving. Last week I averaged just over 26Khm for 80K although I know I could not have sustained that speed for 160k not to mention 480K.

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