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max-a-mill 10-24-13 09:59 AM

good flashlight holder?
so i just replaced my expensive bike specific overpriced LED lights with some cheapo china direct 3 dollar flashlights from amazon and I am happy to report they are superbright and I am very impressed so far. plus at 3-4 dollars a piece i can always get extras if i need more light.

anyhow the lights are awesome but the mounts i bought (which cost more than the lights) are real crap. they don't fit my oversize bars. and once i modify them they won't stay put.

anyone have a good flashlight bar mount? preferably one that can go between a normal and oversized bar?

here is the flashlight in question; two of will are my new light system:

awesomely bright but they do chew through the single AA battery pretty fast before getting noticeably dimmer (maybe 2 hours?), and only on/off, no settings. not enough testing to be 100% with them but so far they seem to be brighter than my PB superflash 2w.

thebulls 10-24-13 11:11 AM

Twofish Lockblock or Bikeblock should work well for you. The difference between them is whether they turn the flashlight 90 degrees relative to the base.


Richard Cranium 10-25-13 07:29 AM

I use rubber bands made from old tubes. Use tape and tube material to build a "holder" on the bar - then just "strap on" the light.....

Myosmith 10-26-13 04:03 PM

Fenix Bicycle Flashlight Mount AF02
about $12 on Amazon and have a wide range of clamp adjustment for both the bar and the flashlight.

mander 11-01-13 08:47 AM

I have chinese flashlights too, 18650 powered so brighter and heavier. They go in a bike-specific flashlight holder from dealextreme, the one that looks like a microphone holder (just search for it, they have a few). It's ok, I guess?

The flashlights are pretty great for the money but I am posting mainly to mention that mine certainly haven't been 100 percent reliable. I don't know how good your PB front light is but I would place their reliability significantly lower than a superflash rear light. So it's good that you have two!

Because of the reliabilty issue my flashlights do not get used as primary lights on brevets; i only use them for riding in town, as backups for the generator system, and for extra light when descending w. a generator light.

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